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In order for this Shortcut to work, you will need to own an Email and to know the Shortcut's Developer's Email unless they pass it as input. It is my hope that this Shortcut will prove to be useful to many.

Basic Features

  • Send an Email to a Shortcut developer for help
  • Add Email Addresses
  • Delete Email Addresses
  • Check for Updates (Supports UpdateHub and UpdateKit)

Advanced Features / Developer Use

Bare Necessity

This Shortcut accepts input and can be integrated into another’s Shortcut as a feedback option on the menu. In that menu place a Dictionary that looks like this:

{"Shortcut Name": "The Name of the current Shortcut","Current Version": "Version #", "Email- Author’s name": "your email address"}


More Advanced

The basic implementation of a dependency Shortcut is to check if the user has it installed and if it is installed, then run it but, if it isn’t installed, then tell them to install it. Example

The value for All Shortcuts should be the magic variable of the Get my Shortcuts action that was used to check if the user has Feedback installed. This quickens up the procedure of giving feedback since it won’t have to get the users Shortcuts twice.

The value for Service should be the name of the site the Shortcut is hosted on. It could be RoutineHub, Reddit, etc. If nothing is written then it will ask in the Shortcut but it is better to write it yourself. If you write RoutineHub then it will retrieve the latest version, the RoutineHub ID and the URL of the Shortcut to make it easier for the developer to fix the bug.


Example Shortcut: Feedback Demo
ScPL Link


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⚠️ Warning ⚠️

The Emails Provided are NOT to be abused and to be used in a manner that is proved to be intelligent. They are not to be Spammed, Blackmailed, and/or Abused, etc. Failure in the keeping of any of these rules will result in being blocked by the Email’s holder.

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Author AShortcut

Latest Release Notes

3.0 - Sept. 30, 2020, 2:37 p.m.

Version 3.0 Release Notes
- iOS 14 Support
- Embedded an Updater

- Total Actions: #347
- Created on iOS 14.2
- Released at Sep 30, 2020

Version history