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For applying CSS to a Markdown File and embedding images


Last ios 12 versions is located here:

Example of one Markdown file with several different CSS styles.

  • The title should be on the first line with a single # otherwise the Shortcut might not deal with it properly.

  • Inline images named should be without any path and filename should match the files chosen

Choose Markdown File

You can share to the Shortcut, if there is anything on the Clippboard you will be offered the choice of using the Clipboard, or to use a File. If the Clipboard is empty you will be asked for a file.


Next you'll be asked for the css file to apply to the Markdown document. The Shortcut expects css files to be in the Folder MarkdownCSS, if the folder is empty the Shortcut offers to install 4 x CSS styles.


You can include any images used in the Markdown as Base 64 images. The filename should be the same as the Markdown inline image name, as the Shortcut will use the names to match to the inline links.

To select multiple images, use Select, then choose Open once finished.

Shortcuts seems a bit buggy here and doesnt always respect the Select Multiple.


There are 2 options for exporting, as a html file or as raw html, which between them will cover all the export options you should need. eg You use html file if you want to convert to pdf, raw html for copying to the Clipboard.

Latest Release Notes

2.6 - Aug. 30, 2019, 12:14 p.m.

Issue with default css fixed

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