Quick Controls

The New And Improved Control Center.


Requires iOS 13. If you are using iOS 12, install version 1.8.9. Standard IOS Control Center, but improved! Have you ever thought to yourself, why does apples control center just temporarily disable settings instead of turning them off properly? And why can't there be more settings? I just wish there was a better control center. Well this shortcut is for you! We even feature Automatic Updates so you never miss a new version! Requires UpdateKit. Get Now! Apps listed must be installed to run action related to them. Apps listed a side from Shortcuts are not compulsory to run Quick Controls. Created By BaileySloanShortcuts. Quick Controls must have access to iCloud Drive to run properly. Quick Controls will only use iCloud Drive to store files containing settings that will be stored in the shortcuts folder. Please do not modify these files as it may stop Quick Controls from running correctly.

Latest Release Notes

1.9.5 - Oct. 19, 2019, 5:38 p.m.

Added shoutout to my second Instagram account.

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