Like many Updaters, this one gets it from the RoutineHub page



Before I start explaining what the shortcut is, I would like to give credit to the following people:

Harley Hicks (for the API), @heyitzspencer, @xMrVizzy, @OhMika for making this “” shortcut that I slightly modified that it would download shortcut updates automatically from the RoutineHub page. It’s not one of those average Shortcut updaters, this one is much faster than other ones out there.

Known Issues:

  • For a version higher than your shortcut when checking updates (Ex: 2.0 is the version on RH, but you have it in as 2.0.1, it will say that you have an update available even though there is none)

I am trying to figure out how this will be avoided, so this won't be annoying to any of the developers who use this.

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Use this in your Descriptions:

[![RoutineUpdater](]( "Get RoutineUpdater")

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Creating it Yourself:

The example shortcut is now in the app. It’ll provide the link and you can download it, or you can follow this:




Please note again: This shortcut is slightly modified from one other shortcut that is not mine. The shortcut creator gets full credit for making the actual shortcut itself.


Latest Release Notes

2.0.2 - Feb. 16, 2019, 10:45 p.m.

• Exit Button removed as it is not necessary anymore
• Small Improvements

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