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With MediaKit Badges you can create your own badges (like those down below), for example to draw attention to which app is needed to use your Shortcut. You can also use this feature to show that you are the author of the Shortcut. The possibilities are manifold, because you have practically all app icons from the App Store and all Shortcut icons at your disposal. You can also use specially created icons.

All badges are available with a white and a black background. For custom icons there is also the option to select a border. In total there are ten different possibilities.

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If you create graphics using MediaKit, please credit and link as follows:
Graphics made with MediaKit.
Download MediaKit here:

If you're using Markdown, simply copy and paste the following to credit:
Graphics made with [MediaKit](

Thanks for supporting MediaKit.

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This Shortcut supports Check For Updates

Run Check For Updates at any time to check for updates to this and other Shortcuts.

This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates

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This Shortcut is part of MediaKit.

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