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With this part of MediaKit you create banners that act as headers on the RoutineHub page of your shortcut (like the one above). A banner contains the name of your shortcut, a short description or slogan and your name (this could be your RoutineHub username). The banner uses the background color of your shortcut to enhance the recognition value.

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MediaKit Banners Step-by-Step



MediaKit Banners Examples Part 1


MediaKit Banners Examples Part 2



If you create graphics using MediaKit, please credit and link as follows:
Graphics made with MediaKit.
Download MediaKit here:

If you're using Markdown, simply copy and paste the following to credit:
Graphics made with [MediaKit](

Thanks for supporting MediaKit.


No third party Updater Shortcut required.

MediaKit has an integrated update mechanism called Embed-a-Update. Thanks to the embedded updater, MediaKit Banners does not require any external updater shortcut. All MediaKit shortcuts for iOS 13 check for updates themselves, so you'll always be up to date and never miss an update.

This Shortcut supports Embed-a-Update


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