This shortcut is to Encrypt/Decrypt your stuff! (Files,Text,Pictures) For updater,see Full Desc.


How to use the shortcut (LightningBase Beta 4):

1.Click the LightningX shortcut

2.Choose to Decrypt/Encode or Encrypt/Decode

3.Choose either Files/Text/Pictures

4.Follow the steps, (Fill in texts or files or Pictures)

5.The Base64 Encoded Text will be on your clipboard (Where you paste)

Its updater is here:

Latest Release Notes

RealX 6 - April 18, 2019, 2:36 a.m.

It Now Requires Internet Connection For Security Measures, It can update for you and etc.

Loading is faster, codes redefined, better server support

Sorry for the Slow Loading of Verification on the first launch

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