Update Center (Discontinued)

Update Utilities Menu


Update Center

This is an updater for all Utilities Menu editions and for the UMApps

It updates:

  • Utilities Menu
  • Utilities Menu Lite
  • Utilities Menu Fast
  • Utilities Menu Advanced Tools
  • And the UMApps !


You don't need to configure anything, just run and use!


Coming Soon


  • @ROP - For the helpful tips to make Utilities Menu better and for creating MediaKit.
  • @G30 - The creator of ALL THE GIFs.
  • @Kindredcashew98 - For the beautiful banners and for giving me the first ♥︎ in my shortcut (Utilities Menu).
  • @Harley Hicks - For creating this amazing community and the RoutineHub.

For more, visit the Utilities Menu Website

Latest Release Notes

5.0 - May 10, 2019, 9:20 a.m.

• The icons for the notifications are now downloaded (Base64) (+faster).
• Compatible with UMApps.
• New Design.

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