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Made for iOS 12

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What’s this?

This Shortcut downloads Shortcuts directly into your Shortcuts library for your convenience, through using iCloud URL’s, RoutineHub IDs and/or Base 64 Encodings

What do I gain?

As I mentioned previously, you get convenience of not having to switch from Safari and Shortcuts, but not only that. This Shortcut is designed to be a dependencey installer.

What is a Dependency Installer?

A Dependency Installer is a Shortcut that downloads for the user all of the Shortcuts needed for it to work, quick and easy. This Shortcut could even bypass installing the Shortcuts if the user has them already installed.





Wait a minute! This sounds like DependKit

That’s because this Shortcut was inspired by DependKit!!! I can’t give enough thanks to @heyitzspencer for creating the wonderful DependKit. I felt the need to make Direct Download RH since Apple was updating Shortcuts, but DependKit wasn’t fixing itself to work with the newest versions and therefore it didn’t work as well as it could.

DependKit VS Direct Download RH

DependKit Pros

  1. More people already downloaded it.
  2. It has a detailed demonstration Shortcut
  3. A little quicker

DependKit Cons

  1. Currently doesn’t work
  2. Rarely gets updated
  3. UpdateKit is not integrated

Direct Download RH Pros

  1. Has a better user interface
  2. Options to download many more popular Shortcuts
  3. Updates Frequent
Direct Download RH:
Pros Cons
1. Better UI 1. A little slower
2. More Download Options 2.
3. Updates Frequent 3.
Pros Cons
1. Has an explanatory Demo Shortcut 1. Currently broken
2. More downloads 2. Rarely gets updated
3. A little faster (when works) 3. UpdateKit isn't integrated

Integrating Direct Download RH

3 Simple Steps

Link: Video Demonstration with Demo Shortcut

  1. Press “Get Download Link”
  2. The link will then be copied to your clipboard. (You can ignore the download option.) Present Download

  3. Go into another Shortcut and follow this picture:

Testing Example


Required; White

R, W

Markdown Code
[![R, W](](

Required; Black

R; B

Markdown Code [![R; B](](

Direct Shortcut

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Credits to MediaKit Author AShortcut

Latest Release Notes

2.6 - June 12, 2019, 12:41 a.m.

Version 2.6 Release Notes
- Removed Direct Download SS option for now
- Optimized some of the settings
- Sorry guys but vcf menus probably aren’t coming since they increase the file size of the Shortcut by a lot

Version history