Announce Songs & Play/Control Music Playlist

Begin a playlist of your choice and have every song and the artist announced to you as it starts


Run this shortcut and it asks whether you want to play or pause the music, explanation to follow.

Press Play and it asks you to select a playlist then starts playing it, it then announces to you the tracks name and who the artist is. It also puts your device in Do Not Disturb.

Shortcut now supports much more music control, now has play, pause, skip to next track, skip to beggining of track, skip to previous track and stop. Just try them out, it’s quite self explanatory.

Should announce every track on every function/command if you control your music from this shortcut.

Also works on CarPlay as long as you start this shortcut after you plug it in. Also works on Apple TV as long as you AirPlay, so it works with any AirPlay device whether that be HomePod, Sonos speaker etc.

Now as long as you keep this shortcut running in the foreground (on the screen) it should announce every song as it starts/changes.

You have to have your auto lock in Settings>Display>Brightness set to never to get this to work, hopefully things will change as Shortcuts is updated in the future. This is also why it puts your device into Do Not Disturb.

When you choose Stop it takes your device back out of Do Not Disturb and exits the shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

2.9 - July 28, 2019, 8:08 a.m.

Changed brightness settings to switch on and off when needed to save battery

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