Many Shortcuts in one.


Do you want to have lots of usefull shortcuts combined in one? Here‘s the right one for you. Features: 1. Call someone 2. Create WiFi Qr Code 3. Show data from your day 4. Ask for names from Emojis 5. Play a game (LoopOver) 6. Read a random joke 7. Show network name 8. Spam your friends on Messages 9. Create GIFs 10. Show information about your device 11. Play system sounds 12. Convert GIF to .mp4 13. Convert .mp4 to GIF 14. Convert .mp4 to .mp3


  1. From version 2.0 on, this Shortcut runs on iOS 13 / iPad OS 13.
  2. You need acces to iCloud Drive
  3. This shortcut is only available in the language german.
  4. This Shortcut will no longer receive updates.

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - Jan. 26, 2020, 8:29 p.m.

This is the last update for iShort. The contact option for support on the website will be discontinued on February 1th, 2020.
Changes in version 2.0:
1. support for iOS 13 / iPad OS 13
2. removed Support option from settings
3. removed game „2048“
4. added ability to choose from photos library at „GIF erstellen“
5. fixed bugs at „anrufen“
6. removed „Webseite bearbeiten“
7. fixed bugs with UpdateKit
8. improved stats at „Info über dein Gerät abrufen“
9. added option to share .mp3 files after converting in „Konvertiere .mp4 zu .mp3“
10. rewritten credits
11. bug fixes

Everything that was removed would not be compatible with iOS 13 / iPad OS 13 without a major rewriting.

Version history