Ultimate Control Centre

The Ultimate Control Centre helps you through your busy life and daily routine.


Introducing Ultimate Control Centre

This is basically a super useful set of commands and actions all in one, including actions that can’t be easily done without it, like saving a parking location then getting directions directly to it, and many more. It’s an alternative to the Control Centre with all the actions the regular one can do, but designed to work alongside it with so many more actions. It has anything from a built in game to a finance and budgeting feature built in--from a text spammer and delayed text message features to clearing water from your speakers and finding nearest fast food spots of your choice. Now with morning routine function!

With full UpdateKit support, you’re always receiving new updates. You need another shortcut for this, available here. You can even save it to your home screen for even more functionality!

There’s even a help, support, feedback, bugs, and suggestions submission feature where you can make submissions to help improve the app, or to get help and support. With the easy-to use interface you can see and know where everything is with ease, which isn’t always the case among other Control Centre alternatives.

Credit: Thanks to these guys for adding to my shortcut. Thanks to these people for helping me make this, their contributions are listed: - Grorge-Download Cydia function-https://routinehub.co/user/Grorge - Ashortcut-Did UpdateKit for me-https://routinehub.co/user/AShortcuts

Latest Release Notes

3.2 - March 9, 2019, 1:42 a.m.

Fixed an issue with update

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