Control Centre Update (Updated 25/07/2019) (iOS 13)

Made for Control Centre, use it in your Shortcuts too


Control Centre Update

Welcome to the purpose built update module for Controls Centre.

  • is a very FAST and EFFICIENT Updater to use in your shortcuts
  • Control Centre Update does not take away the focus from your shortcut giving “annoying” notifications like others, it just checks to see if there is a Update and that’s it.
  • if there is you will see it on the main menu for you to Update when you are ready.

  • How Fast, on Average it Runs in 0.17 Seconds when (Active) and 0.03 seconds (None Active) which means you don’t have to wait for your main shortcut to load.

  • Most Likely the Fastest on RoutineHub

  • Easy to install in your Shortcuts
  • just a Dictionary and a Variable called Status below the Dictionary is all that is required like most Updaters as the Control.
  • Then add a, Run Shortcut And a Returning Variable called Update
  • Three steps shown below

  • 1 Add this Dictionary to your shortcut, the parts used for updating are rhid and version and Current date as formatted below.

- 2 Add this to your main shortcut ( just after the Dictionary above) to run the shortcut And the variable returns the information we need for the update.

- 3 add the variable “Update” to your menu.

You can download How To Series : Build In Control Centre Update To show you how it works and Run Speed Tests for Confirmation that you now have RoutineHubs fasted Updater

Latest Release Notes

13.0 - July 25, 2019, 8:53 a.m.


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