UI Library

Library of routines for easily adding formatted results in quickview, lists/menus icons, timelines.


You can use UI Library to show more formatted information with nicer fonts without having to add a template to your Shortcut each time. All of these are done with 2/3 actions added to your Shortcut. A dictionary with the details, a Run Shortcut action, and sometimes a text action.

The last iOS 12 version can be found here https://routinehub.co/download/8984

  • Nicely formatted tables from csv/markdown/html.
  • Choose a Shortcut(with Search),
  • Color chooser
  • Easily show a list of percentages in a Choose From List
  • Icons in your choose From List with custom images, or no images, just using the icon name
  • Easy Timeline
  • Speedreader
  • PaginateList so you can send a list to the widget and view all the results.
  • Highlight text
  • GetAllNotes
  • Choose from your Reminder lists.

Full Documentation

Demos to try once you've installed.

For example to show percentage bars like this You just need to add this to your Shortcut.

To show a list with images Just send this across to the Library.

Some text size handling has been added but isnt quite finished, you can set for some functions using TextSize.: XL/L/S/XS/XXL font sizes will also be bigger on devices with bigger screens.

Distributing Your Shortcuts

If using in a Shortcut you want to distribute to people, they will also need to have the library installed so you could look at using.

DependKit by @heyitzspencer allows shortcuts to require certain dependencies to run

Latest Release Notes

1.44 - Sept. 22, 2019, 11:50 a.m.

Changed Icons to System Blue for Dark Mode Compatibility

Version history