Text Tools

make your own custom text effects, save them, use them anytime you like


**IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you've used the shortcut before the 1.3 update, you have to reset the Fonts and ASCII files from the menu otherwise you'll get an error**

**new** I've made two helper shortcuts to help you change the default fonts and ascii clipboard to whatever you like.

Text Tools - Ascii

Text Tools - Fonts

Update Notes:

Version 1.4

New Features:

- Added Upside Down font

- Added Zalgo and Reverse text effects

- You can now reset the Font and ASCII files from the menu

- Several QoL additions to the menu navigation


Version 1.3

New Features:

- Add, edit, remove your custom fonts!

Bug Fixes:

- UpdateKit wasn't working because of a bug, will be working now.

This shortcut has two parts:

ASCII Clipboard

Have all the emotes, custom texts, copypasta or whatever text you like one tap away.

Text Editor

A simple tool to add custom effects to whatever text you like


  • Text Effects
    • W i d e L e t e r i n g
    • aLtErNaTiNg CaPs
    • ✨word✨effects✨
  • Fonts
    • Sᴍᴀʟʟ Cᴀᴘs
    • italics
    • add and edit your own fonts and character sets
  • Overlays

This shortcut supports UpdateKit by Mike Beasley (link)

If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments below or preferably on the reddit post. I hope you find this shortcut useful!

Latest Release Notes

1.8 - Oct. 30, 2019, 4:30 a.m.

added links to helper shortcuts to change the default fonts and ascii clipboard

Version history