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Tech Travel


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Tech Travel

While the above apps aren’t required like it says above they are supported if you would rather use Google’s apps over Apple's and they will link you directly to the App Store to download


-Please add your work Gmail account on local iPhone mail app. Click here for instructions. Calendar sync is the only required option needed to work. Mail, notes, contacts, etc. are not needed.

-Please share the tech movement calendar so it’s accessible to the shortcuts app. Click here, check “technician movement”, hit save.

Screen Shots & Features

Pick location-

Confirm in case of mistake-

View added events including previous day and beginning of day-

Option to close and update, view in calendar, or view in map app of choice (Google Maps or Apple Maps supported)-

Quick notification to inform user of distance and time to location-

View in Maps-

View in Calendar-

Latest Release Notes

4.7 - Sept. 5, 2019, 2:10 p.m.

Made changes to add new calendar. Please be sure to share your new google tech travel calendar with your iOS calendar, make sure it shows up in the iOS calendar, then run the shortcut.

Version history