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Let’s Go-Drive

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4.0 3 years, 10 months ago
iOS 12
Now when you activate with Siri, it will first check your calendar to see if you have a calendar event with a location(ie-work, dentist appointment, etc.) if so, then plots your route via Waze, and starts selected playlist.
If no calendar event w/ location is found, will then check your location to see if you’re at work, if so, then assumes you’re on your way home, reads you reminders for when you get home, plots route, plays music.
If none of the above is true, the shortcut will then ask you “where to?” Then checks contacts with your response(ie-Mom, or My Walmart) and plots route with music. If no contact found, will then open Waze and try your response as a Waze Favorite. With music of course.


3.2 4 years ago
iOS 12
Added a function that determines if it’s dark out, and will adjust brightness accordingly. Credit goes to u/JoeReally for creating Suntimes.

Added Favorites functionality for Waze navigation. If your destination isn’t in your contacts but is saved as a favorite in Waze, then it will take you there.

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3.0 4 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Just a copy of 2.0 but renamed to allow the creation of a related Transit shortcut.


2.0 4 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
‘Public’ release. I’m splitting the drive and the transit into separate listings