Simple, icon-based weather forecasts for your routine


WeatherWear provides a stripped-down view of the weather forecast. It emphasizes two things:

  • Your routine. WeatherWear simplifies things by showing you the weather only at the times of day you're most likely to be outside.
  • What the numbers mean for you. WeatherWear doesn't show you the air temperature, it shows you what the weather feels like to a human. It also displays icons to give you a sense of what to wear, including sun protection when UV rays are estimated to be moderate or higher (sunglasses icon).

My personal WeatherWear report targets 8:00 AM, when I'm walking to work, 12:00 PM, when I hope to take my lunch break outside, and 5:00 PM, when I'm generally walking home. WeatherWear looks up to 36 hours in the future to be sure that you see at least one full day's worth of info.

WeatherWear requires a free Dark Sky API key, which you can get here: You'll be asked to enter the key when you download the shortcut.

You can customize when WeatherWear recommends a heavy coat vs a light jacket, etc., as well as how high the wind speed or chance of precipitation needs to be before it displays those.

WeatherWear only works where Dark Sky's hyperlocal data is available. Presently, it is limited to the US, Canada, and the UK. As of version 4, WeatherWear will automatically select units (e.g., Fahrenheit vs Celsius) based on your geographic region. Or you can edit the shortcut to override the AUTO setting and select from Imperial units (US), International System (SI), UK style (SI units but with miles per hour used for wind speed), or Canadian style (SI units but with kilometers per hour used for wind speed rather than meters per second).

Due to iOS limitations, WeatherWear cannot be launched using Siri.



Latest Release Notes

10 - June 8, 2019, 4:22 p.m.

Replaced UpdateKit support with self-contained update code to improve performance (thanks to @mralexhay)

Version history