JustUpdate Legacy (UNSUPPORTED)

Just update your shortcuts on iOS 12. No more than that.



Warning: JustUpdate for iOS 12 will no longer get major updates, only minor updates. If you are on iOS 13, the shortcut will not work, please use the version that supports iOS 13.

What is JustUpdate?

JustUpdate is a shortcut that ensures that your shortcuts stay up to date while keeping fluidity at its maximum. Not only do they give you a fluidity, it is accompanied by a personalized menu.



Please note that this shortcut was created mainly for my shortcuts, but I publish it for those who are interested and want to integrate it into their shortcut, so I recommend alternatives that are exactly the same as mine or even more efficient:

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Latest Release Notes

2.3.4 - June 24, 2019, 7:17 p.m.

Public Feature:
+ If you are on iOS 13 and higher, you cannot launch the shortcut.
+ the "Create a raw file" function is available for everyone.

Beta Feature:
- Nothing

Past versions