ScPL Builds

Add shortcuts you made in ScPL to your library and upload shortcuts to be converted to ScPL


Used for quickly adding shortcuts to your library generated by the ScPL editor, or uploading shortcuts from your library to be uploaded to the ScPL editor.

Write a shortcut in the ScPL editor, then download the .shortcut file into a builds folder (folder path is configurable) inside iCloud Drive.

Then you can add shortcuts from that folder to your library with no hassle of downloading the shortcut from iCloud Drive, or you can upload shortcuts to that folder so you can upload them into the ScPL editor to be converted into ScPL.

One folder for all of your shortcut builds.

Shortcuts Programming Language (ScPL) is a text based language made by @pfg for creating shortcuts.

Getting Started:
Web-based editor:

Dependencies: UpdateKit

This shortcut is created using ScPL

Latest Release Notes

1.6.3 - May 4, 2019, 2:33 a.m.

- Fixes a bug where the shortcut would stall and not return to the first menu after adding it to your library

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