Weather Dual Locations (iOS 13)

Display Two locations of Weather at the same time


Weather Dual Locations

Requires Shortcut - Demon Updater -

Dual Location Weather allows you to see side by side weather for any two locations in the world, the first is the current location and the second is anywhere you want it to be.

In addition there is a section to allow you to build up for Sporting events Two have been added for F1 and the World Rally Championship

To add your sport you can replace on or both or simply add another section to the menu following the same actions to build it up.

  • Screen Report Built in
  • Beatiful designed Report forget Show Results forever
  • Here displaying Dual Location (A UK city and New York)
  • Display both Degrees “C and F”
  • Useful when travelling ! What will the weather be like when I arrive, will I need a coat or Shorts?

Formula One Fans

  • All upcoming locations built in for 2019

World Rally Campionship Fans

  • All upcoming locations built in for 2019

This shortcut was built on my Shortcut Template Available on RoutineHub

  • RHID 2146

so you can build something just like this easily

Latest Release Notes

13.1 - Aug. 29, 2019, 9:22 a.m.

Updated With the F1 calendar today, when the WRC calendar is released around two weeks there will be another update.

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