Share Your Shortcuts

Share links to multiple shortcuts in your library


Generates a list of links to all of your shortcuts (or just a selected few) and copies it to your clipboard for easy sharing.

How does it work?

This shortcut saves a copy of your shortcuts in iCloud Drive. It gets the link for each file and shortens it. Then it creates a formatted list of the names of each shortcut with the link to download it and copies it to your clipboard to be easily pasted anywhere. It then deletes this copy so the next list you make will be accurate. This does not effect any of the links you share.

Keep in mind this process takes a bit if you’re sharing all of your shortcuts and have a lot of them

Dependencies: UpdateKit,

Requires TranslateKit

Latest Release Notes

1.1.4 - Jan. 21, 2020, 4:52 a.m.

Fix version number

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