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Caution: Due to the changes made by Apple in the latest version of their operating system, this Shortcut and any other Shortcut created using iOS 13 (and iPadOS) will no longer be compatible with earlier versions such as iOS 12. ALL THE GIFs! has been created on iOS 12. Therefore, it may not work as expected on iOS 13.

Note: This Shortcut is hosted and available exclusively on RoutineHub. If you find this shortcut somewhere else, please do not download it as it is probably stolen. Please let me know in the feedback section below if you have found this shortcut somewhere else so that I can take action. Thanks in advance.

ALL THE GIFs! has support for 3, (YES, THREE) shortcut updaters!

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There’s not a chat thread in existence that a GIF (or five) can’t make better. Cat bands, sports fails, award show blunders—Is there even a point in hitting send if there isn’t a hilarious looping image attached? I’d argue not. Whether you’re new to GIFs or consider yourself a connoisseur of the highest caliber, this shortcut is a must-have if you want to take your conversations and GIFs to the next level!

They say a picture (or even a GIF) is worth a thousand words. So here’s alot that are self explanatory of what this shortcut is bringing forth. Majestic ALL THE GIFs! shortcut brings you superiority over others to express yourself in animated GIFs! A modern shortcut for the antiquated format.

Download the plug-in Shortcut, GIF Gallery: HERE.


Main Menu

Main Menu


ALL THE GIFs! Settings Menu ALL THE GIFs! Settings Menu

Color Effects, Presets & Filters

Color Effects, Presets, & Filters

Flip & Rotate

Flip & Rotate Options

Trim & Speed

Trim & Speed Options

Send & Share

Send & Share Options


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Latest Release Notes

6.8 - June 25, 2019, 3:40 a.m.

- The Settings menu has been switched from using ‘Choose from Menu’ to Choose from List’.

- The shortcut version numbers & RoutineHub IDs have been switched from text to number in the dictionary.

- Removed ‘VERSION:3.0’ from the vCard text as it isn’t necessary to function properly.

- ‘GIF Gallery’ now comes before ‘Settings’ in the main menu for a more cleaner look.

- Most (but not all) functions in dictionaries now use an ‘If Result’ magic variable instead of the function’s name in plain text.

- Cleaned up the shortcut by almost 30 actions. Let’s hope I didn’t break anything because I don’t have enough time to test these changes.

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