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8.4 1 month ago
iOS 12
- Removed 4 unnecessary Get Dictionary Value actions.

- ALL THE GIFs! now uses a lighter font!

- Finally fixed GIF Gallery implementation for “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” thanks to the help of @D3W10.

- Removed an unnecessary WiFi check specifically for “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” in GIF Gallery as it isn’t needed.


8.2 1 month ago
iOS 12
- Adjusted credits.

- “Negative (Invert Colors)” has been renamed to “Negate”.

- “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” has been partially re-written again and now uses 10 less actions.

- Renamed the function “Gif Speed” to “Adjust GIF”.


8.1 1 month, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- The text, “Animated” has been removed from “GIF Grid & Wall Options”.

- The Base64 encoded GIF text used for “Animated GIF Grid & Wall Options” has been changed to use the one that was in place for “Extra Options” in older versions of ATG.

- Back buttons EVERYWHERE in ALL THE GIFs! have been changed from using an emoji to use “⏎ Back” instead. It’s time I make ATG look more modern and clean.

- Another partial rewrite for “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters”. Working to hopefully fix support for GIF Gallery in the next few updates.


8.0 1 month, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Bug fix for “Photos to GIF” when adjusting the speed more than once.

- Removed support for “Check for Updates 2.0” (@pfg) & “UpdateHub” (@tdevx). You will notice speed improvements throughout the shortcut.

- Fixed “Save to GIF Gallery” option’s file destination path.

- Adjust speed no longer has a list of seconds or numbers to choose from. You must type out the number either as an integer or decimal number.

- “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” has been completely rewritten to be much faster and smaller!

- You must now choose a GIF first before selecting any options in “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters”.

- “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” are broken in GIF Gallery until further notice.

- Back buttons in the sub-menus “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” now re-run it’s function instead of going back to its main menu. Example: If you want to change the GIF or category chosen for “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters”, just press a back button in any of the sub-menu to choose a different GIF (or the same one) and a different sub-menu option.

- Fixed Swing Updater Integration.

- Sadly, I’ve removed emoticons from Choose from List action titles. This is because in iOS 13, these emoticons aren’t fully visible because they are grayed out. (Note: ALL THE GIFs! isn’t supported on iOS 13 yet).

- Removed emoticons from “Flip GIF” menu options.

- “degrees” has been replaced with “°” (the degrees symbol) for “Rotate GIF” menu options.

- “Animated GIF Grid & Wall Options” has been moved below “Color Effects, Presets, & Filters” on the main menu.

- The changes listed above have reduced the amount of actions used by 278!

- Total # of actions used: 1,547


7.9 1 month, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
WiFi checks have been reduced from 13 in place down to 1! If an option in the shortcut requires an active internet connection when called, it will run the WiFi Check function to check for an internet connection. This has reduced the amount of actions used in the shortcut.


7.7 1 month, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- GIF Gallery Clean-up has been implemented into the GIF Gallery option. With this option, you can remove all files found in the Shortcuts/ALL THE GIFs!/GIF Gallery file path directory.


7.6 1 month, 4 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Updated how “About this Shortcut & Credits” works and is now provided in a text action at the top of the shortcut.

- Reduced amount of actions used.

- Removed unnecessary “Exit Shortcut” actions.


7.5 2 months ago
iOS 12
- Added an option to arrange the selected items for:

* Photos to GIF
* Panoramas to GIF
* GIFs to GIF (Combine GIFs)

You can choose from default or custom order.

Credits to an anonymous user for providing this suggestion by activating the IFTTT Trigger.


7.4 2 months ago
iOS 12
- Removed “Markup Images & Create GIF” from the “More Options...” submenu of “Other Options & More”.

- You will now be asked if you would like to markup your images chosen for “Photos to GIF”.

- “Video from GIF (GIF to Video)” will show an alert when attempting to resize afterwards stating that the feature isn’t available for this option.
- Fixed a bug with Quick Look for “Emojis to GIF”.

- “Emojis to GIF” is now located in the “More Options…” sub-folder.

- Donate me BTC has been removed and was posted as a separate stand alone shortcut! (PS:) No one has donated since I’ve added this option in.

- The menu option “Extra Options” no longer exists anymore! These menu items are now built in “Other Options & More” within a sub-menu called “More Options”. This is the same concept used for the “Convert to GIF” menu option.

- Fixed `If failed because Shortcuts couldn’t convert from Media to Text.` This happend after pressing done in the Quick Look option for Video from GIF (GIF to Video).


7.3 2 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Removed unnecessary actions.


7.2 2 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Back-end improvements.

- Changed how “Change Speed” works yet again. This uses less actions than before.

- Changed ALL THE GIFs!’s version number from using a “number” dictionary key and value to “text”. This was causing a visual issue that needed to be fixed.

- Removed unnecessary “Run Shortcut” actions after every internet connection check if a user is offline.

- Removed unnecessary (hopefully) “Nothing” actions.

- Added Swing Updater support!


7.0 3 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Text to GIF’ in the ‘More Options…’ sub-menu of the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu. This has been a long awaited time for wanting to add this in, but it had to be done in a specific way.

- GIF Gallery has been discontinued and will no longer receive any updates or support as a plug-in shortcut for ALL THE GIFs! anymore.

- GIF Gallery has been built into the function inside of ALL THE GIFs!

- Removed GIF Gallery from ‘Send Feedback’, ‘View Change-log & Release Notes’ & ‘Check for Updates’ (via UpdateKit).

- Removed ‘Check for Updates’ in the GIF Gallery menu.

- Removed GIF Gallery’s RoutineHub ID and version number from ALL THE GIFs! dictionary at the top of the shortcut.

- GIF Gallery option now saves the GIFs in Shortcuts/ALL THE GIFs!/GIF Gallery.

- Fixed a bug that stopped users from adding multiple GIFs from Giphy to the GIF Gallery.

- Fixed a bug that stopped users from adding multiple GIFs from their Photo Gallery to the GIF Gallery.

- The ‘GIF Gallery’ function will be re-ran after adding GIFs to the GIF Gallery.

- I’ve completely re-written the ‘Back-&-Forth’ option in the ‘Change Orientation of GIF’ menu. Now it doesn’t use EZGif’s API! This results in less actions used for ‘Back-&-Forth’ and faster times for the GIF to be created.

- ‘Back-&-Forth’ has been re-named to ‘Forward-&-Back’.

- Removed Trimming from ‘Video to GIF’ as you can already do it in the ‘Gif Speed’ function.

- Get ready for higher quality GIFs!

- Wi-Fi Check has been removed from ‘Back-&-Forth’ (now ‘Forward-&-Back’).

- Removed one ‘Nothing’ action from all 13 Wi-Fi checks throughout the Shortcut.

- You can now resize your created GIFs AFTER you have made them!

- Reduced the amount of actions used in ‘View Change-log & Release Notes’.

- Total # of actions used: 1,918



6.9 3 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Fixed a bug with ‘Upload to Imgur’ and also improved how it works.

- Now only one ‘If Equals: (Back button), Nothing’ and ‘If Equals: Install, Exit Shortcut’ is used at the end of the shortcut for the functions.

- ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ Options has been fixed for passing its output to the ‘Gif Speed’ function. I’m not sure how this got broken in the first place…

- Fixed a duplicate dictionary value and key.

- Other general improvements.


6.8 3 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- The Settings menu has been switched from using ‘Choose from Menu’ to Choose from List’.

- The shortcut version numbers & RoutineHub IDs have been switched from text to number in the dictionary.

- Removed ‘VERSION:3.0’ from the vCard text as it isn’t necessary to function properly.

- ‘GIF Gallery’ now comes before ‘Settings’ in the main menu for a more cleaner look.

- Most (but not all) functions in dictionaries now use an ‘If Result’ magic variable instead of the function’s name in plain text.

- Cleaned up the shortcut by almost 30 actions. Let’s hope I didn’t break anything because I don’t have enough time to test these changes.


6.7 3 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Fixed an issue with ‘Donate me BTC’. The function was being exited before it could be ran. (P.S: To this day, I have never received any donations through this option.)

- Added back buttons in the ‘Send Feedback, Report Bugs, & Provide Suggestions’ menu.

- Removed ‘AirDrop’ from the ‘Share Options’ menu because it’s the same as ‘Share via Share Sheet’, but with less options for sharing.

- Removed unnecessary ‘Copy to Clipboard’ actions in the Save & Share Options menus.

- Made an improvement to the vCard dictionary and how it gets called.

- GIF Grid from Photos now requires a minimum of 4 or more photos chosen to continue. It also will now re-run the function if 3 or less photos are chosen for the conversion.

- Added ‘GIFs to GIF (Combine GIFs)’ inside of the ‘More Options’ sub-menu of ‘Convert to GIF Options’.


* App Store Icons to GIF
* Artist Album Covers to GIF
* Back-&-Forth
* Check for Updates
* Color Effects, Presets, & Filters
* Save GIF from URL
* Search Giphy & Share
* Send Feedback, Report Bugs, & Provide Suggestions
* Upload to Imgur (Will return to the ‘Gif Speed’ function instead of returning to the main menu.)
* View Change-log & Release Notes

The options listed down below will now re-run the chosen function ’If Less Than 2’ items were selected for the conversion.

* Photos to GIF
* Panoramas to GIF
* GIFs to GIF (Combine GIFs)
* App Store Icons to GIF
* Artist Album Covers to GIF
* Shortcut Icons to GIF (If the number 0 or 1 is typed for this option, it will re-run the function.)
* GIF Grid from GIFs
* Markup Images & Create GIF

•Before, it was set to ‘If Equals 0’, show an alert stating that nothing was chosen. The change applied for all of these is more effecient than before. The alerts shown were also improved for these options!


6.6 4 months ago
iOS 12
- Removed 10 unnecessary ‘Get Clipboard’ actions in the ‘Save & Share Options’ menu.

- Update for GIF Gallery. Views it’s Change-log for more information.


6.5 4 months ago
iOS 12
- Improved on how the shortcut detects if the GIF chosen is over the 35 MB file size limit for ‘Back-&-Forth’ & ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’.

- If the shortcut detects that a GIF chosen is over the 35 MB File Size Limit for ‘Back-&-Forth’ & ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ Options, then it’ll re-run the function instead of returning to the main menu.

- Set a few ‘If’ statements to ‘If Equals 0’ for those that were set to ‘If Is Less Than 1’. This doesn’t matter too much, but is rather a preference of mine.

- Improved the way back buttons work. Pretty much just removed the need for ‘Otherwise’ for these.

- Total # of actions: 1,700


6.4 4 months ago
iOS 12
- Fixed a nasty bug that broke ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filter’ menu options.

- The main menu now has animated emoji icons! Credits to @D3W10 for this surprise to me. I really love it! :D

- Removed a few unnecessary ‘Run Shortcut’ actions.


6.3 4 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- You can now choose to save your created GIF from ALL THE GIFs! to the GIF Gallery shortcut in ‘Save Options’!

- Fixed a very minor text typo in an Alert for ‘Videos to GIF’.

- Disabled ‘Ask When Run’ to select all Panoramas initially for ‘Panoramas to GIFs’.

- FINALLY fixed possibly the most annoying bug I have ever dealt with in ALL THE GIFs! The bug can be found here (as a GIF of course!) :
Edit: It seems like I’ve introduced a nastier bug by fixing this one... just great.

- Updated GIF Gallery to 2.0 to fix a major issue.


6.2 4 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Added back ‘Emojis to GIF’. This was a mistake I’ve made on my own end by accident while making changes in v6.1. - Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Removed the alert shown when running ‘Emojis to GIF’.

- Added a ‘Count items’ check for all options necessary. If a photo, GIF, video, etc isn’t chosen, the shortcut now shows an alert and then re-runs the function so that you can select what is necessary to continue.

- Added a ‘Count items’ check for all options necessary. If no photo(s), GIF(s), video(s), etc. are found in your photo gallery, the shortcut now shows an alert and then return to the main menu.

- Made improvements to alerts shown throughout the shortcut. The title of the alerts now use an ‘If Result’ or ‘Menu Result’ as the Alert Title.

- Fixed a bug for GIF Gallery (but the fix was applied in ALL THE GIFs!).

- Total # of actions: 1,676


6.1 4 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Improved ‘App Store Icons to GIF’, ‘Artist Album Covers to GIF’ & ‘Shortcut Icons to GIF’.

- You can now choose to mask the GIF to the shape of an icon for ‘App Store Icons to GIF’.

- Removed unnecessary ‘Run Shortcut’ actions in all of the functions and only kept one after each ‘End Menu’ followed by a ‘Nothing’ action. This has reduced the size of the shortcut by 30 actions!

- ‘Save to iCloud Drive’ & ‘Save to Dropbox’ in the ‘Save Options’ menu now asks you if you would like to get a link to the saved file. If you press yes, it will copy the link to your clipboard and exit the shortcut.

- Possible Bug fixes related to the ‘Save & Share Options’ menu.

- Removed ‘Visit RoutineHub Profiles’ from the Settings menu as I found it a little unnecessary to have.

- Functions now have been slimmed down on actions! They now use ‘List’ & ‘Choose from List’ actions instead of ‘Choose from Menu’ actions.

- Update for GIF Gallery. (Known Bug I’m still looking into: Edit: FIXED!

- Total # of actions: 1,629 (71 actions less than v6.0)!


6.0 4 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- ‘Find Photos Where’ actions now sort your photos and others by ‘Last Modified Date (Latest First)’ instead of ‘Time Taken (Latest First)’. This is so that you can easily find your edited GIFs from the GIFs you’ve saved from ALL THE GIFs & GIF Gallery faster than before.

- Changed the ‘Find Photos Where’ filter to search for ‘Photo Type is Live Photo’ instead of ‘Album is Live Photos’ for the ‘Live Photo to GIF’ option.

- Changed the ‘Find Photos Where’ filter to search for ‘Photo Type is Panorama’ instead of ‘Album is Panoramas’ for the ‘Panoramas to GIF’ option.

- Drastically improved the speed and load time of searching for Photos for ‘Photos to GIF’, ‘Gif Grid from Photos’ & ‘Markup Images & Create GIF’ by removing the filters applied for the ‘Find Photos Where’ actions for these 3 options. Now it only searches for everything in your Photo Gallery. It is your responsibility to only select images for these options. I will look into applying filters again within the next update or so.

- Completely removed the need to Base64 encode/decode GIFs throughout the whole shortcut to pass it from function to function.

- Completely removed the need and use of the ‘Gif Speed’ variable. It is only a function for the menu that comes after creating a GIF.

- Removed unnecessary ‘Copy to Clipboard’ & ‘Get Clipboard’ actions.

- Removed ‘Custom Input Speed’ for Adjust Speed and renamed ‘Custom Input Speed (Choose Seconds Per Photo) to ‘Custom Input Speed’. They were both the same thing, but the initial ‘Custom Input Speed’ took the number you’ve typed, and divided that by 100.

- Removed the ‘Yes or No’ menu for Adjust Speed and added a back button inside of the menu.

- Set names for most Quick Look actions.

- Here’s the juicy part: Completely redone the trimming, change speed, and Save & Share Options Menu! This is now combined into one simple menu!

- Fixed a Bug with ‘Search Giphy & Share’ that wasn’t allowing users to trim or change the speed of a GIF selected. The error was stating ‘unsupported URL’ before then exiting the shortcut. This has now been fixed.

- Fixed a major bug with ‘Colors Effects, Presets, & Filters’ menu when pressing any of the back buttons in the sub menus.

- Fixed ‘Share to Instagram Story’ & other possible fixes to any other minor bugs.

- Completely rewrote the Feedback system. Thanks to @D3W10 for making a brand new Feedback shortcut for me to implement into ALL THE GIFs! You can now choose which shortcut to leave Feedback for. Either ALL THE GIFs! itself or GIF Gallery.

- Added a few new speed options.

- This update has reduced the size of ALL THE GIFs! by 243 actions! Major improvements have been made!

- Total # of actions used: 1,700


5.9 4 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Completely eliminated the need and use of the ‘Gif’ Variable.

- ‘Set Variable: Gif’ has been replaced with ‘Copy to Clipboard’ actions.

- ‘Get Variable: Gif’ has been replaced with ‘Get Clipboard’ actions.

- ‘Set Dictionary Value: Gif’ has been replaced with ‘Get Clipboard’ actions.

- Added an alert for most options in the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu when something isn’t chosen (An Image, Live Photo, etc.). The function is then re-run so that something can be selected if it wasn’t the first time.

- Completely remade how the change speed of GIF works. Also, added 0 Seconds (Fastest), 0.3 Seconds, 0.75 Seconds, 1.5 Seconds, & 2 Seconds to the GIF speed menu.

- Set name of some Quick View actions to hide Base64 encoded text.

- Fixed a version number dictionary error for GIF Gallery.

- Updated GIF Gallery to be compatible with these changes.

- Total # of actions: 1,943


5.8 4 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- You can now choose to view the change log & release notes of either ALL THE GIFs! or GIF Gallery within the menu option.

- View Changelog on RoutineHub has been removed.

- Added a File Size Limit Check for ‘Back-&-Forth’ option.

- Fixed the bug where the GIF created wasn’t the GIF you’ve selected. This bug only happened with ‘Back-&-Forth’ & all the options in the ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ menu.


5.7 4 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Major update for GIF Gallery!

- Changes applied so that the changes made in GIF Gallery could work properly.

- Total # of actions: 1,931


5.6 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Semi-fix for a small bug.

- Update for GIF Gallery


5.5 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Fixed a bug when choosing not to download the shortcut GIF Gallery would continue to run ALL THE GIFs!. This resulted in the trim GIF and other menus being shown afterwards. Now it re-runs ALL THE GIFs! as it was intended to be.

- ALL THE GIFs! now exits when you choose to install GIF Gallery.

- Fixed a Run Shortcut action that had an improper dictionary key input. This stopped some users from being able to install GIF Gallery. It is now fixed.

- Fixed a bug where ALL THE GIFs! would continue to run if you pressed Install for UpdateKit if it wasn’t installed.

- Fixed a bug where ALL THE GIFs! would continue to run if you pressed Install via UpdateKit if there was an update for ALL THE GIFs! or GIF Gallery.

- This update was only to fix any bugs I’ve found. :-)


5.4 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Fixed ‘Check for Updates’ option that uses UpdateKit. This was totally re-done from the ground up as I’ve found it was broken and not working properly or as intended.

- Credits to @AShortcuts for helping me redo/rework the ‘Check for Updates’ option. :-)

- Reduced the amount of actions used for the ‘Visit RoutineHub Profiles’ option and also simplified how it works.

- Added @AShortcuts to the ‘Visit RoutineHub Profiles’ menu.

- This may be the last update for a week or more so that I can focus on squashing any bugs and improving the shortcut overall.


5.3 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12


5.2 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Added a notification when checking for updates for GIF Gallery.

- You can now choose to check for updates on either the main shortcut, or the plug-in Shortcut, “GIF Gallery”. This only applies for the “Check for Updates” option in the “Settings” menu.

- Added a back button in the “Check for Updates” menu.

- Total # of actions: 1,850


5.1 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Fixed a bug when trying to install the ‘GIF Gallery’ Shortcut.

- Removed an unnecessary ‘Run Shortcut’ action at the bottom of the shortcut and replaced it with an ‘Exit Shortcut’ action. This was the fix for the bug mentioned above. This also makes functions run in the right place instead at the very bottom of the shortcut.


5.0 5 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- ‘Base64 Encode’ actions have been set from ‘Every 76 Characters’ for line breaks to ‘None’.

- Fixed a dictionary issue with ‘Emojis to GIF’. This now works properly again.

- Introducing the brand new ‘GIF Gallery’ plug-in Shortcut! This is now an option under the ‘Settings’ menu option. With this, you will need to download the required ‘GIF Gallery’ shortcut along with the pre-made GIFs that will be prompted to install to use the option. You can then choose from a few pre-made GIFs to customize to your liking with ALL THE GIFs! You can even add your own created GIFs to the GIF Gallery! This will allow you to keep all of your GIFs stored in one place to come back and edit at another time if you wish to!

- Small adjustments and improvements have been made.

- ALL THE GIFs! will now check for updates via UpdateKit manually for GIF Gallery after it has checked for updates on itself.

- Total # of actions: 1,841

- Download GIF Gallery here:


4.9 5 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added a new sub-menu inside of the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu. The sub-menu is called ‘More Options…’

- The back button inside of the ‘More Options…’ sub-menu will return to the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu.

- ‘Arist Album Covers to GIF’ has been moved from the ‘Extra Options’ menu to the sub-menu ‘More Options…’ in the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu.

- Added ‘App Store Icons to GIF’ in the ‘More Options…’ sub-menu in the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu.

- Added ‘Shortcut Icons to GIF’ in the ‘More Options…’ sub-menu in the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu.

- Re-worked the ‘About this Shortcut & Credits’ alert to provide more credits.

- Other general improvements.

- Total # of actions: 1,800


4.8 5 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Markup Images & Create GIF’ in the ‘Extra Options’ menu.

- Total # of actions: 1,710


4.7 5 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Completely removed the need for the variable: ‘GIF or Video?’ This has reduced the shortcut size by 117 actions!

- ‘Re-edit GIF’ has been renamed to ‘Re-edit’ for convenience purposes.

- ‘Create a new GIF’ has been renamed to ‘Create New’ for convenience purposes as well.

- Total # of actions: 1,671


4.6 5 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added a ‘Re-edit GIF’ option in the last menu option. This acts as a back button to go back to the function ‘Change Speed’. What this does is allows you to trim and change the speed of your GIF again if you still aren’t happy with your results.

- Completely removed the use and need for the “Are you happy with your GIF/Video?” menu. This can now be achieved by selecting the ‘Re-edit’ option in the last menu option (Send and Share Menu). This change reduced my shortcut by over 150 actions!

- Standardized ‘Choose from List’ actions.

- Fixed a minor bug with ‘Flip GIF’ options in the ‘Change Orientation of GIF’ menu. The bug broke the ability to trim your GIF and/or change the speed of it. This is now fixed.

- Total # of actions: 1,788


4.5 5 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Removed 24 unnecessary “Set Dictionary Value: GIF” actions and added this code in the dictionary action above where all these used to be. In return, this cleans up code by 24 actions.

- Removed 14 unnecessary ‘Change Case’ actions.

- Improvement made for all Check for update support in the shortcut.

- Total # of actions: 1,930


4.4 5 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added Check for Updates 2.0 (by @pfg) support to my shortcut! Only 3 actions were needed for this amazingly!

- Removed ‘Check for Updates by @pfg’ in the ‘Check for Updates’ menu. Now when you check for updates if you use pfg’s updater, you will need to run CFU 2.0. This is a lot more efficient than how it used to be implemented into my shortcut.

- Removed ‘UpdateKit (Recommended)’ from the ‘Check for Updates’ menu. Now when you press on ‘Check for Updates’ in the ‘Settings’ menu, it will just check for updates via UpdateKit instead of having an unnecessary menu prompt for it)!


4.3 5 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12

- The shortcut name, UpdateHub, and version number that were in separate text actions were removed and now use a dictionary instead. 1 action is better than 3 in this case.

- Replaced any and every variable used that was ‘name’ or ‘version’ and replaced it with the magic variable ‘Dictionary:name’ or ‘Dictionary:version’.

- Credits to @Martindb1988#1483 on Discord for suggesting this to me.

- Removed an unnecessary ‘Otherwise’ and ‘Nothing’ action.

- The changes listed above reduces the shortcut size by 7 actions. Not too much, but every little reduction matters.

- ‘Photos to GIF’ and ‘GIF Grid from Photos’ is now somewhat better in terms of what it searches for. Both search for the same thing, but now it does this in a better way!
- The cost of this change results in photos to gif being a tad bit slower when searching for photos. This is possibly due to the shortcut having to inspect the metadata of every photo for the file format/extension.


4.2 5 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Panoramas to GIF’ in the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu!

- Total # of actions: 1,983 (Getting close to 2,000)!


4.1 5 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Improved and Optimized the Save & Share Menu options. You can Save and/or Share your created GIF and still have the ability to Save and/or Share your created GIF after the first time! Once you are done, you can then choose to Create a new GIF.

- Added credits to D3W10 in the “About this Shortcut & Credits” menu option in the “Settings” menu.

- Total # of actions: 1,941


4.0 5 months, 4 weeks ago
iOS 12
Fixed a small bug with UpdateHub in my shortcut if a user chose no (If UpdateHub is not installed).

Credits go to @D3W10 for the fix.


3.9 5 months, 4 weeks ago
iOS 12
ALL THE GIFs! is now completely function-based! This pretty much required a total rewrite of the whole shortcut. This was also the hardest update I’ve done for this shortcut.

A lot of bugs have been squashed in this update since converting my shortcut to be function-based!

Run shortcut actions now use a variable instead of using a text action magic variable.

Back buttons inside of the ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ menu now works as intended. Instead of going back to the main menu when in a sub sub-submenu, it goes back to the previous submenu!

Back buttons inside of the ‘Settings’ menu also now works as intended.

Disabled the Cancel button on the Show alert actions for ‘View Changelog within Shortcut’ and ‘About This Shortcut & Credits’ Options. Pressing Cancel would Cancel the whole shortcut, which wasn’t intended to be like that. Now you can click okay and the shortcut will continue to run.

‘View Changelog on RoutineHub’, ‘Visit RoutineHub Profiles’, and ‘BTC Address’ now return back to the ‘Settings’ menu instead of exiting the shortcut when Safari or your Wallet Application opens.

Removed 35 unused ‘Otherwise’ actions! These were totally unnecessary and were not being used.

Added a Back button in both the ‘Save Options’ & ‘Share Options’ menus. These back buttons will take you back to the menu to Save or Share your created GIF.

Added credits to @pfg in “About this Shortcut & Credits” menu. His RoutineHub profile can also be found in the “Visit RoutineHub Profiles” sub menu in the ‘Settings’ menu. Major credits go to him for helping me with making my shortcut completely function-based!

Removed the ‘Video about this Shortcut (Coming Soon)!’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu. It may be added back in the next version with a video I’ve found with my shortcut reviewed in it!

UpdateKit now works independently instead of always being controlled by an Otherwise action at the very bottom of my shortcut.

Completely eliminated the use of the variable: “Check for Updates”! This cuts down code in the shortcut by over 105 actions!

Using UpdateHub to Check for Updates is now optional in my shortcut when first ran. If you don’t have it installed, it’ll ask you if you’d like to install UpdateHub. If you select no, it’ll save a file to your iCloud Drive with your preference.

Removed the alert stating “What do you want to do with your GIF/Video?” I found it inconvenient with all the changes in this update.

Fixed a small bug with ‘Reverse GIF’. It was showing the menu option name (Reverse GIF) in the first frame of the GIF created. This is now fixed.

Added a Quick Look option in the Save and Share Options Menu. After you have viewed your GIF using this option, you are still given the choice to Save or Share your GIF!

Total # of actions: 1,869


3.8 6 months ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Back-&-Forth’ to the ‘Change Orientation of GIF’ menu. This new option runs to the end of the GIF and then reverses back to the start.

- Added a ‘Tint’ option in the ‘Color Presets’ menu locations inside of the ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ menu. When choosing the new ‘Tint’ option, you will be asked to type in a Color Hexadecimal code. You can also choose from a preset of colors! Then you will be asked for the color intensity. Lastly, choose your GIF and watch the magic happen!

- Added a ‘Hue, Saturation, & Lightness’ option in the ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ Menu.

- Added a ‘Brightness & Contrast’ option on the ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’ Menu.

- ‘Color Presets & Filters’ has been renamed to ‘Color Effects, Presets, & Filters’.

- Fixed a minor issue with 5 or 6 ‘Set Variable’ actions. It was a noticeable bug to me in the last few versions. Here’s the fix I applied: Renamed those ‘Set Variable’ actions that were named ‘Gif or Video?’ to ‘GIF or Video?’ The capitalization really matters here.

- Reworked the Share options!

- A good chunk of bug fixes and improvements.

- Possibly many other changes and improvements made that I won’t include in this Changelog because I totally forgot.

- vCard has finally arrived in this version for the main menu. I have decided to not use Subtitles as most options are and should be self explanatory.

- This may, or may not be, the last update for this shortcut. Only time will tell.

- Total number of actions: 1,271


3.7 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Added an emoji for the ‘Color Filters & Presets’ menu option. Also added emojis for both of the options within the menu.

- Applied a File Size limit of 35mb for the ‘Color Presets & Filters’ Options.

- Removed 5 unnecessary ‘Number’ actions that were set to ‘0’ for a variable.

- Added ‘Save to Dropbox’ and ‘Save to iCloud Drive’ in the Share options.

- ‘Reverse Playback of GIF’ has been moved to the ‘Change Orientation of GIF’ menu and renamed to ‘Reverse GIF’.

- Added a ‘Video About this Shortcut (Coming Soon!)’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu. ;)

- Minor UI improvements.


3.6 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- This is probably my most favorite update I’m proud to push out as to date.

- Added a new main menu option called ‘Color Presets & Filters’!

- ‘Color Presets & Filters’ has two selectable options that both open up to another menu. These menus include, ‘Color Presets’ and ‘Filters’. And of course, a back button.

- Color Presets include:
Negative (Invert colors)

- Filters include:

- ‘Invert Colors of GIF’ has been renamed to ‘Negative (Invert colors)’ and was moved to the new ‘Color Presets’ menu located inside of the new ‘Color Presets & Filters’ menu.

- All of these new options use a request from to perform these actions.

- Total # of Actions: 1,014 (FINALLY OVER 1,000)!


3.5 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- A brand new menu has been created by the name of ‘Change Orientation of GIF’!

- Added a new option in the ‘Change Orientation of GIF’ menu called ‘Rotate GIF’.You can choose between 3 options for this: ‘Rotate 90 degrees, Rotate 270 degrees, and Custom Rotation’!

Note: The reason why I don’t have an option for ‘Rotate 180 degrees’ is because that would be the same thing as my ‘Flip Vertical (Upside-down GIF)’ option.

- ‘Flip GIF’ option was moved to the new menu option ‘Change Orientation of GIF’.

- Renamed ‘Save Frames of Video/GIF’ to ‘Extract & Save Frames of Video/GIF’.

- I am very proud to announce that ALL THE GIFs! now has an ‘Invert Colors of GIF’ option! I’ve wanted to implement this feature since the initial release but couldn’t figure out how. The credits for this goes to u/Wet250 on Reddit for figuring this out. I’ve just managed to remake it so that it could work properly for my shortcut. Credits to him can also be found in ‘About this Shortcut & Credits’.

- Total # of Actions: 932


3.4 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- You can now choose to donate BTC to me using a QR code that pops up from the new ‘QR Code’ option. I once tried this before, but it was very inaccurate as Shortcuts only generated the QR code. With what I’ve found, now it decodes an Base64 encoded QR code for my BTC address!

- Moved the RoutineHub comment to the very top of the shortcut. Thanks to @AShortcuts for pointing this out to me to fix. It’s comment box needs to be at the very top of the shortcut, otherwise RoutineHub can’t find it to check for updates.

- Removed the shortcut name and version number from menus. This was added in a few versions ago and I’m just now deciding to revert this minor change to better the experience for users.

- The main menu text has been changed from Plain Text to Serif Bold Text. This shouldn’t be a problem for any users as you won’t be able to use my shortcut in web view.

- Minor change for Changelog within Shortcut.


3.3 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Added a Quick Look action after choosing the ‘Yes’ option of Trim your Video.

- Replaced the ‘/‘ with an ‘&’ for the ‘Animated GIF Grid / (now &) Wall Options’.

- ‘Trim Video’ is now set before ‘Change Speed of Video’ for ‘Video from GIF (Gif to Video)’. This seemed to be more logical than having ‘Change Speed’ Set before ‘Trim Video’.

- Removed the ‘Clipboard’ Variable in the ‘Send Message’ action that grabs the photo type. This was breaking the ability to send a Video to someone with a text message. I tried to find a real solution to this, but what I’ve done seems to be the only way to make this possible. This was limiting users to only be able to send GIFs as a message, and not Videos. This is not an issue anymore, but was when I noticed it. Now you can share both GIFs and Videos as a message within the shortcut.

- Fixed an issue with not being able to speed up your Video by 2x


3.2 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- You can now change the speed of your Video from ‘Video to GIF (GIF to Video)’.

- You can now Trim your Video from ‘Video to GIF (GIF to Video)’. (This took me several hours of debugging just for one simple problem. A ‘Set Variable’ action was supposed to be ‘Get Variable’. That is the main reason for the delay on this update).

- You can also choose to skip changing the speed and trimming your Video now as well!


3.1 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Renamed ‘GIF to Video (Video from GIF)’ to ‘Video from GIF (GIF to Video)’ for the convenience.

- Created a new speed option specifically for ‘Video from GIF (GIF to Video)’. You can choose from three options:Slow down Video by 0.5X, Speed up Video by 2X, and Custom Speed


3.0 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Renamed ‘Save GIF from Discord’ to ‘Save GIF from URL’. Now it does not save the GIF to your gallery automatically. You can choose to do so in the share options if you’d like.

- ‘Save GIF from URL’ alerts you if the found content in your clipboard is not a URL.

- Changed the ‘Seconds Per Photo’ of the necessary ‘Make GIF’ actions to 0.2 Seconds Per Frame.

- Renamed ‘Don’t change the speed (0.3 Seconds’ to ‘Default Speed (0.2 Seconds).

- The change speed of GIF option now has a new menu. Selecting ‘Yes’ will bring up the speed options. Selecting ‘No’ will continue on with the shortcut and will not change the speed of your GIF! This is a great improvement in my opinion.

- General fixes and improvements. :)


2.9 6 months, 1 week ago
iOS 12
- Added a new option in the ‘Other Options & More’ menu called ‘Reverse Playback of GIF.’ This does not flip your GIF, but instead reverses it as if you were watching it backwards!

- Added a new comment action stating that it supports 3 Shortcut Updaters.

- Added a ‘Nothing’ action before the main menu is brought up. This fixes a bug I found in ‘Reverse Playback of GIF’ option.

- Improved ‘Choose from Menu’ action prompts for a better user experience.

- General fixes and under the hoop improvements.

- Total # of actions: 801


2.8 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added a new ‘Send Feedback, Report Bugs, & Provide Suggestions’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu.

- ‘Send Feedback, Report Bugs, & Provide Suggestions’ option gets your Device Model, System Version, and the current version of the shortcut you are on.

- The new ‘Send Feedback, Report Bugs, & Provide Suggestions’ options uses a IFTTT webhook to get a web request. Any feedback sent will be read over thoroughly. I’ll get a notification on IFTTT with your Feedback, Bug Report/s, and/or Suggestion/s.

- Encoded the IFTTT Webhook key for safety purposes.

- Lowered a repeat action that was set to 25 down to 15.

- Implemented support for ‘Check for Updates’ by @pfg.

- Implemented support for ‘UpdateHub’ by @tdevx.

- UpdateHub will run only once everyday (After 24 hours of first run) when the shortcut is first ran.

- ‘Check for Updates’ in the ‘Settings’ menu now has 2 options. You can either choose to check for updates with ‘UpdateKit’ (recommended), or you can do so with the ‘Check for Updates by @pfg’ option that will run the shortcut where you can check for updates for my shortcut (All while not exiting my shortcut)!

- Added a ‘Back’ button for the ‘Check For Updates’ menu.

- Under the hood fixes and performance improvements.

- Number of actions: 750


2.7 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Fixed empty ‘Run Shortcut’ actions.

- Lowered the ‘Get Live Photos’ action from finding the latest 100 Live Photos down to 75.

- Added a menu prompt for the ‘Flip GIF’ option. You can now choose between ‘Flip Horizontal (Mirror GIF)’, ‘Flip Vertical (Upside-down GIF), and ‘Flip both Horizontally & then Vertically’. This is a nice change from the old ‘Flip GIF (Mirror GIF) option.

- Renamed ‘Flip GIF (Mirror GIF)’ to just ‘Flip GIF’.

- General fixes and improvements.


2.6 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘GIF Grid from GIFs’ option in the ‘Animated GIF Grid/Wall Options’ menu. I’ve been wanting to add this for a long time but couldn’t figure it out. Major credits to u/gluebyte for his much appreciated help. What it does: Combines multiple animated GIFs into a single gridded animated GIF.

- Created a new menu option called ‘Animated GIF Grid/Wall Options’.

- Added credits to u/gluebyte in ‘About This Shortcut & Credits’.

- Removed credits from the first and only comment action in the shortcut (At the very top). Credits can still be found in ‘About This Shortcut & Credits’.

- Fixed a bug with Check for Updates.

- Other general fixes and improvements.

- Total # of actions: 668


2.5 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Imgur action for sharing your GIF now has Direct Link enabled. It needs to be enabled in order for it to be used on RoutineHub through Markdown.

- Grabbing the release notes/change log within the shortcut now uses the API for the latest release notes and version, only once now. This is so it doesn’t take too long or use more cellular data than it should.

- Removed unnecessary Quick Look actions after each change speed of GIF action and replaced it with just one Quick Look action.

- Credits to @AShortcuts for some of these modifications. :)

- Added ‘Create Animated GIF Wall from GIFs’ in the ‘Extra Options’ menu! This started off as a test shortcut and I made this by accident. Others thought what you can do with it is very cool (Trust me. It’s very cool!), so I decided to add this in as an option.


2.4 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- UI overhaul is here! Here’s what has changed:

- Added a main menu option called ‘Extra Options’. This menu contains 5 options from the ‘Other Options & More’ menu. I’ve only added this new menu to declutter the other.

- All 4 menu options on the main menu has exactly 5 different options. Not including the back button. ;)

- No other changes. Just the UI update in this version. v2.5 will be to work out any bugs and implement new things I come up with.


2.3 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Save GIF from Discord’ in the ‘Other Options & More’ menu.

- Possibly an UI overhaul in the next update! ;)


2.2 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Side-by-Side GIF Combiner’ option located in the ‘Other Options & More’ menu.


2.1 6 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added ‘Trim GIF’ option before ‘Change Speed of GIF’ option. You can skip this part if you’d like by selecting No.

- Menu name change.

- Added credits to the user who added ‘Trim GIF’ option in this shortcut.


2.0 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Fixed ‘Flip GIF (Mirror GIF) change speed option. I’m not sure why this was broken in v1.9 update, but I did notice it. Also fixed the ‘Make GIF’ speed which was set to 0 seconds. Changed to 0.3 seconds (Default Speed option).

- Changed the ‘Make GIF’ speed from 1 second to 0.3 seconds (Default Speed option) for the ‘Created Animated GIF Grid from Photos’ bit. 1 Second would be perfect for this, but you can change the speed of this in the ‘Change Speed’ menu prompt anyways!

- Raised the ‘Search iTunes Store’ action limit from finding 40 items to 50 items.

- Re-arranged ‘Other Convert Options’ menu bits to be in alphabetical order. This was not done for the ‘Convert to GIF Options’ menu bits.

- Re-arranged ‘Settings’ menu bits to be in alphabetical order.

- Added an option to ‘View Changelog’ in the ‘Settings’ menu. This includes two options: “View Changelog on RoutineHub” and “View Changelog within Shortcut”.

- Added a notification notifying you if there are no new updates to be installed after checking for updates.

- Bug fixes and improvements.

- Total # of actions: 447


1.9 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Fixed an issue with the Change Speed of GIF not working for ‘Search Giphy & Share’ option.

- Added ‘Artist Album Cover to GIF’ option in the ‘Other Conversion Options’ Menu.

- Remove the ‘Ask to Run’ Variable in the ‘Search Giphy’ action for convenience. You can still search for specific GIFs in this action once the Giphy menu is pulled up. (I believe this also allows for more GIF results to appear when searching for a GIF).

- General fixes.


1.8 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added Emojis to the Main Menu.

- Added a ‘Show Alert’ action for Burst Photos to GIF option if no Burst Photos were found in your Gallery. The same was done for the Live Photo’s option.


1.7 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Added a Share GIF from Gallery option!


1.6 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Deleted the very first ‘If’ action, after the text that says “Convert Live Photo to Gif”. Deleted the ‘Get Variable —> Photos’ action. These were not needed and not used. General fixes.

- Removed all the filters I had in place for the ‘Find Photos Where’ action for “GIF to Video’ bit and replaces it with just one filter which is, ‘File Extension is .gif’. This is a lot cleaner and does the EXACT same thing, but as only one filter is used now.

- Removed all the share actions in the ‘Gif to Video’ bit, as it is already at the end, and set the Variable 'Happy' to 1.

- Set a variable for ‘GIF or Video?’ for a better experience.

- Actions count: 305 Actions!


1.5 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Changed the layout of code to improve update flexibility for me to push out future updates.

- UpdateKit actions are now at the end of the shortcut again instead of near the middle.

- Actions were rearranged for better functionality.


1.4 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
- Set an ‘Ask When Run’ Variable for the Title & Description for the ‘Upload to Imgur’ action.
- When choosing to share your created GIF by sending a message, the action automatically grabs your copied shortcut from your clipboard and automatically pasted the GIF in as a message. You can then choose your own recipient to send to.


1.3 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
2 menu name changes


1.2 6 months, 3 weeks ago
iOS 12
General fixes. Settings Menu redesigned.(Added emojis to lively it up as well) Nothing too big in this update at all..


1.1 6 months, 4 weeks ago
iOS 12
Overall fixed some actions, reduced a repeat action from 50 to 25. Reduced Get Latest Live Photo’s action from 50 to 25. Check for update is now at the end of the shortcut again but properly working. As well as some general fixes in the overall code of the shortcut.


1.0 6 months, 4 weeks ago
iOS 12
Initial release.