Every Things

Helps adding To-Dos to your Things 3 Inbox in various ways.


Every Things is a complete Things 3 supporting Shortcut. It helps adding To-Dos to your Inbox in various ways.

Inbox section is a slightly modified shortcut Brain Dump made by Christopher Lawley and presented on his YouTube chanell :
The Untitled Site
Every line adds as a seperate To-Do. You may add more than one at a time.

Reminder adds To-Do and sets reminder on given time. To-Do is in Today or Upcoming section.

Deadline adds To-Do and sets it’s deadline.

Snap lets you take a photo and add link in Inbox to it.

Note lets you create handwritten note and To-Do with a link to that note.

You need template file of note in your Shortcuts folder on iCloud Drive. You may create your own or get one here:

SnapNote lets you take a picture or select it from your Camera Roll and then mark on it with your stylus or finger. Shortcut will create To-Do with URL to the file.

Video lets you make a video and a To-Do with URL to the file.

Dictate lets you dictate To-Do to your inbox.

Record records voice message and creates To-Do with URL to the file.

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2.0 - April 1, 2019, 8:54 p.m.

To-Do with reminder added

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