Pack Manifest Generator

Generates manifest dictionaries for Minecraft packs.


Welcome to Pack Manifest Generator!

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A small shortcut useful for generating a pack manifest.json file for Minecraft, Bedrock Edition. It contains documentation so you can learn more about the process of creating this file and its usefulness. If you’ve made resource packs before, you know what a manifest file is.

Note: Will be updated for integration with the Minecraft Studio Collection soon. Download the main shortcut here:


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Latest Release Notes

1.3.1 - July 30, 2021, 5:51 a.m.

Quick patch before a 2.0 version with vCard menus. This version has some QOL improvements including:
• Better start page with more info, sound setting status, and shortcut version
• Actions and layout optimized for iOS 14
• More settings options, including sound settings toggle
• Small bug fixes

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