Expenses Logger

Log Expenses onto a .csv to send as an invoice. Includes UpdateKit integration


This shortcut allows you to generate a .csv log of any expenses you wish to claim. It also generates a total at the end of each line for convenience.

You can choose to start a new week or continue with the current week. Starting a new week will automatically archive the previous weeks data.

You are also able to scan (take a photo) receipts and that will be zipped and added to the email/iMessage at the end of the week

You also get the option to send the data to your employer/finance department and request an instant payment.

(Requires UpdateKit 6.0 or higher)

Latest Release Notes

6.3 - Sept. 28, 2019, 6:57 p.m.

• Updated for iOS 13
• New dependency on UpdateKit 6.0
• Moved everything to my own server instead of RoutineHub

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