Dental Med Kit

Guide for management of medical emergencies, anesthetic maximum, and antibiotic dose calculator


Dentist Med Kit provides the following:

  • Quick reference for managing known medical emergencies and identifying unknown medical emergencies
  • Calculation of local anesthetic maximum doses based on weight
  • Calculation of antibiotic doses based on weight
  • Guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis, including AHA guidelines and the AAOS clinical tool for patients with joint replacements
  • CPR/BLS reference
  • Ability to text a customized group of contacts (staff members) that an emergency is happening, and then prompt to call EMS

You can add this shortcut to your Today screen, to your home screen, or to Siri by opening the Shortcuts app, tapping on the three dots in the upper right of Dentist Med Kit’s icon, and then tapping the toggle icon in the upper right. Here you can also reset the Shortcut preferences. The app will check for updates each time it is run (unless Cancel is selected on a menu), but requires the Shortcut UpdateKit to be installed, and will prompt you to install it.

The About section contains help, contact information for me, a button to share, and a place to donate if you’ve found Dental Med Kit helpful.

Please share with other dentists and staff to help keep our patients safe and our lives a little less stressful.

Latest Release Notes

1.3.2 - May 31, 2019, 3:20 a.m.

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