AirShare (Now on Utilities Menu)

Share your files over the air



Share files anytime, anywhere in many ways, no more problems sharing files with family and friends.


You don't need to configure anything, just run and use!


Coming Soon


  • @ROP - For the helpful tips to make Utilities Menu better and for creating MediaKit.
  • @G30 - The creator of ALL THE GIFs.
  • @Kindredcashew98 - For the beautiful banners and for giving me the first ♥︎ in my shortcut (Utilities Menu).
  • @Harley Hicks - For creating this amazing community and the RoutineHub.

Created by D3W10

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Latest Release Notes

4.0 - Sept. 19, 2019, 5:24 p.m.

• iOS 13 support.

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