iUnlockr - Jailbreak Assistant for unc0ver and Chimera

The do-it-all jailbreaking assistant for the unc0ver, Chimera and Rootless jailbreak!


—-Download version 2.2.x for iOS 12— The Ultimate unc0ver and Chimera Shortcut for all your jailbreaking desires!

Jailbreak Assistant - What can it do? 1. Install a Jailbreak 2. Check for update 3. Help with packages 4. Check for tweak updates 5. SSH Functionality

This shortcut is being regularly updated and has the ability to update itself using UpdateKit by Mike Beasley (http://www.mikebeas.com/updatekit/)

Thank you for downloading, we hope you enjoy ;)

Credits: @vv_lettice_vv @preminem

Latest Release Notes

2.3.1 - Nov. 6, 2019, 11:14 a.m.


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