RoutineHub Search Pro

Search for RH Shortcuts or Authors within Shortcuts


Present Search Pro

Yep, you read it right. You can search for ANY RoutineHub Shortcut or Author within this shortcut.

Search Results ;)


  • Leaving to the RoutineHub Website
  • Distracting Interface
  • Ads
  • Shortcuts only Search

Advanced Use

Inputs & Outputs

  • Search for Authors
    Input = {"Author":"Name"} Example Output
    A Shortcut that this author created

  • Search for Shortcuts
    Input = {"Shortcut":"Name"}
    The Shortcut’s name and URL

  • Back Option
    Add in {"Back":"Input Shortcut Name"} to the input dictionary so that it returns the necessary information to the Shortcut that it is running from.

Caution This video is outdated and is of version 2.1

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CFU Support


Credits to @pfg for some of the regexes and @OhMika for giving me the idea to make this.


Credits to MediaKit Author AShortcut

Latest Release Notes

3.3 - June 17, 2019, 2:10 p.m.

Version 3.3 Release Notes
- Improved feedback

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