Hands Free Measures

Make measurements hands-free, dictating as many as you wish, then get summary statistics


I frequently have to take multiple measurements with a calipers and then summarize them. It is annoying to take each measurement, put down the calipers, type or write the observation, and then take up the calipers and measure again. This shortcut allows you to dictate your measurements interactively, with error-checking feedback, and then get a listing of your observations along with key summary statistics. The output is provided first in a format for human reading, followed by a JSON file to be shared from the share sheet.

Rather than describe appropriate dictation inputs, I'll provide an example of usage:

Siri: How many seconds should we delay between measurements?
User: Two
Siri: OK, two seconds.
Siri: Ready...
User: 7.4
Siri: [echoing for confirmation] 7.4; ready...
User: 7.1
Siri: 7.1; ready...
User: Sex.
Siri: I'm sorry, I didn't get that. Please try again.
User: Six.
Siri: 6; ready...
User: [starts speaking before the beep] ...point five five.
Siri: 0.55; ready...
User: Correction: 6.55
Siri: Corrected… 6.55; ready...
User: I'm finished.
Siri: Ok. Here are your numbers and some statistics:

[Text output, not spoken]
Values: 7.4, 7.1, 6, 6.55

Number of observations: 4
Sum: 27.05
Average: 6.7625
Minimum: 6
Maximum: 7.4
Median: 6.825
Mode: 6
Range: 1.4
Standard Deviation: 0.535461249765097

Please note that Shortcuts has some known bugs in translating text to numbers: Sometimes numbers will be approximated, e.g. 8.3 becomes 8.30000000000001. Something similar can happen when the numbers are put into JSON as well.

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