Siri SoundCloud player

Play any song on SoundCloud using your voice!


The Siri SoundCloud player allows you to play a song you want on SoundCloud using Siri and the dictate text function!

Instructions: - Add Siri phrase "Play in SoundCloud" - Tell Siri to "Play in SoundCloud" - Siri will ask "What song" - Speak the name of the song and the artist into the dictate text window - That song will begin playing in SoundCloud!

Important - If the SoundCloud app is not installed the song will play in the web - If the song you requested isn't found on SoundCloud an alert will appear letting you know - Unfortunately because of Apple restrictions you must unlock your iPhone for this shortcut to work

Enjoy! Please leave feedback below ⬇️ Made by Viano A.

Latest Release Notes

1.6 - June 27, 2020, 6:15 a.m.

Sorry I haven't updated this shortcut in a while. The re-direct notice from Google is now gone! The shortcut should work normally now.

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