Routinehub Report

A shortcut for a report of all your shortcut downloads


Supports automatic saving of your reports

Of course this is optional and can be switched on or off in the settings menu.

About the shortcut

Routinehub Report has been fully updated and it does require your API key from Routinehub for faster displaying of the report. When the shortcut runs for the first time it asks for your API key as well as your RH username.

API KEY | Where do i find that?

In the desktop version of Routinehub press the gear icon in the top right. On your Iphone press the 3 horizontal lines in the top right and choose settings.

This setup is one time only, after that the shortcut will run on tap.

Supports landscape and dark mode

Full support for dark mode changes with your Iphone settings. Landscape mode the table layout changes when you rotate your device.

Likes ( hearts ) and downloads

When there are new downloads it's shown with the green circle and the + ( number of downloads ). Same goes for the likes ( Hearts ), and because in the rare case some likes can get removed it even displays that.

When that happens a broken heart is shown with an red arrow pointing down. When a like is added it shows a heart with the + ( number of likes )

Settings menu

When setup the first time it asks for your Username, Private API key, Nickname ( optional ) , and whether you want so save your reports or not.

All these settings can be changed later, just go to settings and alter your preferences.


Special thanks to ROP for helping me out with the creation of this layout. And fixing the issues within the HTML code.

user/ROP (RoutineHub)

Graphics created with MediaKit

Latest Release Notes

4.1 - May 15, 2020, 7:22 p.m.

Bugfix, multiple saved html files in icloud drive. ( fix by mvan231 Discord )

Past versions