Clipboard Manager

A full-fledged clipboard manager, all in iOS Shortcuts!


A complete clipboard manager in Shortcuts!

The basics

  • Save copied Text, URLs, and Images or from share sheet

  • The clip will be displayed and will allow changes before saving

  • Edit your current clipboard

  • After editing, you can choose to save your old one

  • Retrieve saved clips with the ability to copy or share

More options

  • Clear current clipboard
  • Open URL(s) copied to clipboard
  • Dictate to clipboard
  • Delete specific or all saved clips
Clipboard manager is also under constant development so new features will routinely come out!

Latest Release Notes

6.3 - Jan. 2, 2019, 7:32 p.m.

- Added support to change input when uploading for text and preview for image

- When uploading image, added option to cancel upload

- Disabled SSH features as they already automatically sync between Apple devices if signed in with same Apple ID (You can safely delete CM CryptoKit now)

Version history