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Welcome to Screenshot Corrupter!

NOTICE: This Shortcut gets all of your shortcuts to ensure that you don’t have any pirated material on your device, and also to check if you have QuickUpdate. Please acknowledge that this is not malicious, as this info never gets stored. By downloading this shortcut, you acknowledge this. Does not work with photos, only works for screenshots. The only way to use photos is by taking a Screenshot of them. This shortcut might not run properly without 4:3 screenshots.

This Shortcut creates a copy of your snapshot that you choose and corrupts it by the amount you choose. Credit to @pfg, as most of the Update Checker (until 2.2) was based from their Check For Updates Shortcut. Also credit to @ROP, as the download badge below was created with MediaKit. Please make sure to report any bugs or make suggestions to @QuickUpdate5 on Twitter.

This shortcut supports QuickUpdate.

This Shortcut Supports QuickUpdate

Latest Release Notes

3.0.2 - June 6, 2021, 3:31 a.m.

Introducing Screenshot Corrupter 3.0.2 - for the first ever time, this update adds QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition, allowing the shortcut to still receive updates even if they don’t have QuickUpdate!

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