Google Translate

Quickly translate using the Google Translate API


Does what you think it does, takes text and translates it using the Google Translate API! The translated text will be presented and can then be shared or saved to your clipboard :)

This Shortcut was designed to be used in other Shortcuts, such as in the example below

Google Translate Example


  • Works seamlessly without showing the user a webpage
  • Translate any text into your favourite languages!
  • This Shortcut can be called from another Shortcut and will return the translated text seamlessly (examples below)

Calling from another Shortcut


  • Credits to matheuss for his work, it helped me figure out how to get the Google Translate API working with this Shortcut

Latest Release Notes

2.9.6 - June 5, 2022, 1:03 p.m.

• Added support for the .cn version of Google Translate
• Fixed a problem with update checking

Version history