Better Control Center

The One Shortcut That Does It All!


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What Is Better Control Center?

Better Control Center is the one shortcut that does it all! It includes some of the most popular shortcuts reworked all in one. Just open up the Menu, go to Better Control Center, then select what you’d like!

What Does Better Control Center Include?

Currently, Better Control Center includes:
Device Information
Fast Charge
Eject Water
Speed Test
WiFi QR Code
Delayed Messages
Normal Settings
Day Time
Night Time
Online Mode
Offline Mode
Play Music
IP Address
And more coming soon!

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Latest Release Notes

1.1.3 - May 12, 2019, 2:47 a.m.

[ Whats New? ]
> Object Detection

[ Whats Coming? ]
> New UI

[ Bug Fixes? ]

[ Known Bugs? ]
> Object Detection

[ Thanks For The Continued Support And Leave Any Bugs Or Suggestions In The Reply Section! ]

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