Rename iOS Media

Simple tool to Rename iOS Image or Video file.


Its always a headache to rename an Image of video in your iOS device. Personally, I found no application that does this thing. However, you can do it by importing an Image or video into your Dropbox then rename it and save it again in your Photos app. But, don't you think its a pain in the ass.

Well not anymore, as I have made this Shortcut, Rename iOS Media, which will help you to Rename any Media File in your iOS Device, easily and effectively.

This is one of those Shortcut that you will stay in your Shortcut Gallery but you will need it as well.

Please report any Bug or Issue if you found via Shortcut.


I need your support to help me to translate the Shortcut into other language.

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4.0 - Sept. 17, 2020, 8:42 p.m.

Updated for iOS 14

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