Workout Planner

Calculates the quickest and easiest workout you can do to meet your Apple Watch activity goals


Normal Use

When you run this Shortcut, it calculates the minimum amount of walking and running necessary to meet your Apple Watch activity goals.

As soon as you run the Shortcut, it will ask you to manually enter the number of exercise minutes you’ve completed so far. Unfortunately there is no way to do this automatically.

First Install

When you first install this Shortcut, it will ask you to how many calories you burn per minute when you walk and when you run. To calculate this, find a (preferably long) workout in the Activity app (one for walking and one for running), then divide the number of active calories by the number of minutes for each one (decimal points are acceptable).

It will also ask you your Move Goal. This how many calories it takes to complete the red ring in the Activity app.

To keep this accurate, update these values every few months by tapping the settings button for the Shortcut, then selecting “Customize Shortcut…”

General Info

Only works if you use the Apple Watch Activity app to track your activity goals. You can do the workout itself in any app that logs data to the Health app. Let me know in the feedback section if you want a version that supports third party goal tracking apps.

Latest Release Notes

1.0.2 - May 15, 2019, 12:34 a.m.

Replaced alerts with notifications

Past versions