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AVoid 5

Assists you in typing without using that fifth symbol of our ABCs


So you know that symbol that sits amid "D" and "F" in our ABCs (and "W" and "R" on most typing boards)? r/AVoid5 is a subforum in which all of us as a community avoid that filthy symbol, from this point forward known as "fifthglyph". Anybody can post about anything as long as fifthglyph is totally missing. This is no trivial task, but a skill. It can look daunting at first, but you'll find it's not so bad.

What is this Shortcut for?

This Shortcut will assist you in typing on iOS without using fifthglyph at all. That subforum I was talking about disallows it, and you don't want to slip up. It will fix your words that you supply it.


  1. Finish typing it all out

  2. Highlight your words

  3. Tap your words

  4. Tap that button that has a fifthglyph in it and a "..." at its finish

  5. Tap "AVoid 5" (this Shortcut)

  6. Follow any instructions it shows

  7. At its finish your fifthglyph missing submission is on your clipboard

You can also run this Shortcut straight from your Shortcuts app and it will ask you if you want to "Obtain From Clipboard" or "Start From Scratch".

Why should you join our community?

Fifthglyph is far too common among our vocabulary, barging its way into so many words willy-nilly. It arrogantly thinks nobody can function without it, that it's "too big to fail". Joining this community of humans that don't say fifthglyph is a way of standing up against that symbol.

It's also just a fun thing to do. It's a trial for your brain to think of ways to say things that don't contain any fifthglyphs.

Latest Release Notes

1.2.0 - May 2, 2020, 9:09 p.m.

Full support for iOS 13

Past versions