Quickly Update Your Shortcuts!


Welcome to QuickUpdate!

Welcome to QuickUpdate!

Welcome to QuickUpdate! QuickUpdate is the One of the Fastest Updaters on RoutineHub. This Updater has a lot of features that you expect in a premium updater, with blazing fast speed! The main purpose of QuickUpdate is to balance speed and features, so your users can enjoy world-class features, while also enjoying lightning speed!

Amazing Features:

Easy to Embed

QuickUpdate is super easy to Embed into your shortcut. Just get QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition!

Easy to Combine

QuickUpdate uses the same dictionary that Update Checker 2.0 uses, therefore, it’s very easy to use Update Checker 2.0 and QuickUpdate for your shortcut, as you can use the same dictionary.

Multiple Languages

You want your shortcut to be suitable for everyone. That’s why QuickUpdate has support for Multiple Languages!


German Version Translated by ROP


Portugal Version ( Translated by D3W10)


Italian Version (Translated by alombi)


If you would like to translate QuickUpdate to a currently not available language, DM @QuickUpdate5 to participate in the zachary7829 Translation Program.


Sometimes, users want to install updates later. That’s why QuickUpdate lets users choose whether they want to update or not.

Offline Mode

If you’re offline, you still want to use your all of your shortcuts. That’s why QuickUpdate has an “Offline Mode,” where instead of your shortcut stopping if the user is offline, the shortcut will continue.

Tap To Check For Updates

Not only will QuickUpdate check for updates for your shortcut, but it will also check for updates for itself when you tap on it. This not only means that the user can decide when they want to check for any updates to QuickUpdate instead of constantly checking and taking up boot time, but also means that your user’s boot times will be kept optimized on the newest methods.

Multi-Decimal Support

You want to be able to have multiple decimals in your version, such as 2.2.2. That’s why QuickUpdate is one of the fastest Updaters with Multi-Decimal support.

Worded Version Support

You want the ability to have worded versions, such as “2.0 Beta”, “4.0 Aqua Edition.”, or even just “Cake Edition”. That’s why QuickUpdate has support for fully worded versions, which means you can call your version whatever you would like! (Note: Requires QuickUpdate 2.2 or higher).

Support For One, Support For All.

By adding QuickUpdate support to your shortcut, you not only allow your users to choose between the already world-class QuickUpdate, but also the speed-focused QuickUpdateEX, and the extremely optimized feature-focused UltraUpdate.

A Gorgeous vCard User Interface

You want a useful, and pretty user interface. That’s why QuickUpdate & UltraUpdate both have user interfaces made with vCards, making an absolutely Gorgeous user interface.

Highly Downloaded

QuickUpdate already has 10.0K downloads on RoutineHub, so you don’t have to worry about your users not having it.

High Shortcut to Updater Download Ratio

QuickUpdate has the highest shortcut to Updater download ratio on RoutineHub. What this means is that some users don’t want to download an Updater when they use a shortcut; so, they don’t use the shortcut that requires an Updater. This can negatively impact your downloads. However, (according to data I collected) when users often download a shortcut that requires QuickUpdate, about 5/6 times they either install QuickUpdate, or have QuickUpdate already installed. So, don’t worry about your downloads being affected. (Please note that this data only includes Updaters on RoutineHub)

Links to RoutineHub Page.

Almost all updaters that update a shortcut directly from the download page (except Swing Updater, due to it using routinehub.co/download) take your users directly to the iCloud URL. This is bad, because then your shortcut will get less downloads, and have less chance to get on Trending, both giving your shortcut less recognition. However, QuickUpdate links to your Shortcut’s RoutineHub page, so not only can they check out what is different about the update, but you can also get more downloads.

iOS 13 & iOS 14 support!

QuickUpdate 2.0 and up supports iOS 12, 13, and 14! So, no matter what iOS version you’re on, you can enjoy QuickUpdate’s speed and features!

Supports down to Shortcuts 2.0.0!

QuickUpdate supports all versions of the Shortcuts app down to 2.0.0! QuickUpdate is one of the only updaters that support all the way down to 2.0.0, and is the only Updater that still gets updates for Shortcuts 2.0.0!

Siri Support

Unless there’s an update available, QuickUpdate does not go into the shortcuts app when called from Siri!

Semi-Rollback Support

QuickUpdate will detect rollbacks! However, please be aware that QuickUpdate does not distinguish them from normal updates.

RoutineHub & ShareShortcuts Support

QuickUpdate supports both RoutineHub & ShareShortcuts! If you want to use the ShareShortcuts Edition: https://shareshortcuts.com/shortcuts/744-quickupdate-ss-edition.html


QuickUpdate does not allow for Custom URLs. This means a malicious shortcut cannot take advantage of this and force QuickUpdate to do things such as collect your IP address.


QuickUpdate 2.2 and up 0Masks the version, fixing some auto-formatting issues with the Shortcuts app. This means that QuickUpdate should be even more stable than Updaters with Update Engines.


Unlike some other updaters, the latest version of QuickUpdate forces Safari to visit RoutineHub through HTTPS, instead of unencrypted HTTP.

Supports UltraUpdate’s CFU Engine

QuickUpdate supports UltraUpdate’s CFU Engine. This means that any shortcut you update via QuickUpdate, you can check for updates using UltraUpdate!

Very easy to switch to.

QuickUpdate is very easy to switch to from another updater. In fact, using RouteUpdate, you can switch and never have to worry about modifying developer’s shortcuts to add support!

Want to Skip an update? Skip it.

QuickUpdate has an option to skip updates. That means if you don’t like an update, you can just skip it!

Easy Implementation

QuickUpdate is very easy to implement. Down below is how to do it! QuickUpdate


QuickUpdate has a Download badge, which you can put in to your description. Just copy this text over and your description should have the badge!

Large Badge:

[![This Shortcut Requires QuickUpdate - Tap To Download!](https://i.imgur.com/7aYMAD3.png)](https://routinehub.co/shortcut/2647)

(Badge Version: 2)

Recommenced Badge:

[![This Shortcut Requires QuickUpdate - Tap To Download!](https://i.imgur.com/QKzlHwT.png)](https://routinehub.co/shortcut/2647)


By looking at QuickUpdate’s actions, I was able to optimize my Updater.

That’s Great! Just give credit to QuickUpdate for help on Optimizing your Updater.


Does QuickUpdate have support for Multi-Decimal in older versions?

The oldest version that has Multi-Decimal is 1.4. Every version older than 1.4 does not support Multi-Decimal.


Does QuickUpdate have support for Worded Versions in older versions?

The oldest version that has Fully-Worded Version support is 2.2. Versions 1.4-2.1 only have support for Semi-Worded Versions, meaning the version would need to have a number as the first character, and the rest can be worded.


I get an error saying that an update is available even though one isn’t.
If you have a version number that hasn’t released yet on RoutineHub, such as you give your Dictionary 1.8 but the latest on RoutineHub is 1.7, it will detect an update.


What iOS version is QuickUpdate for?
iOS 12, 13, 14, and 15! And soon, it will support Workflow as well, meaning you can get support for iOS 9-15, making it the updater supporting the most iOS versions!

(Note: iOS 12 support is only present in versions 3.1 and below.)


Shortcuts Supporting zachary7829 Updaters:

  Screenshot Corrupter

  Better LPM

  The Oregon Trail

  Omega Power Mode

  Ultra Low Power Mode

  Quick Low Power Mode

  Battery Saver Plus

  Super Respring


  Tree Installer

  iOS Themes

  Download System Files




  vCard Utilities



  Shortcuts User Guide

  Widget Weather

  Jailbreak iOS 13.0-13.3

  Turnip Tracker for ACNH

  (P.S.: If your shortcut supports a zachary7829 updater and isn’t on here, tweet at @QuickUpdate5 and I’ll add it to the list!)  


QuickUpdate: by @zachary7829  

1.6/1.7/1.8 User Interface based of Update Checker 2.0 by @AShortcuts  

@pfg, as my first ever Update Checker was based off of Check For Updates.

@ROP, as the first ever Badge for QuickUpdate was made with MediaKit, and he translated QuickUpdate to German!

@D3W10 for translating QuickUpdate into Portugal

@alombi for translating QuickUpdate into Italian

Compared to other zachary7829 updaters:


Updater Actions Multi-Decimal Worded Versions Offline Mode Self-Updating User-Interface Frequent Updates CFU Engine Support Integrated
QuickUpdateEX 5 Actions Yes Yes No None None Nope No No
QuickUpdate 20 Actions Yes Yes Yes When Tapped UI made with vCards Yes! Yes (Auto-Supports UltraUpdate) No
UltraUpdate 142 Actions Yes Yes Yes Automatic UI made with vCards Yes Yes Not Yet
QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition 25 Actions Yes Yes Yes None UI made with vCards Yes Yes (Auto-Supports UltraUpdate and SFU) Yes


Thanks so much for 10,000 downloads! ^_^

Latest Release Notes

3.4 - July 18, 2022, 5:18 a.m.

Re-Added support for iOS 12 (and Workflow for iOS 8.0+ users) while retaining the same support for iOS 13/14/15/16.

Version history