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HiRes GIFs is the first and only shortcut of its kind that creates high-resolution gifs. Create animated gifs from your videos, live photos and bursts or merge several images or gifs to one animated gif.

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  1. First select whether you want to turn a video, live photo, burst or pictures/gifs into a gif.
  2. For videos, live photos, and bursts, you can edit multiple files at once. For images and gifs, you'll need to select multiple media to merge into one animated gif.
  3. Depending on the selection you can determine the order of the images. This option is available for images and gifs. "Default Order" and "Custom Order" are available for selection. With the default order, you simply select multiple images, which are then combined into a gif. With custom order you first specify how many images or gifs your gif should consist of. Then select the media step by step in the order you want them to appear in the gif later.
  4. No matter if you process videos, live photos, bursts, images or gifs to an animated gif, you always have the possibility to adjust the size first. As said, with HiRes GIFs you can create original size gifs! Depending on the size (e.g. videos) this can take a lot of computing power. You can always choose the current size of your media, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4. Of course you can also define your own custom size in pixels.
  5. Note: Trimming videos before creating a gif is not possible, because this action of the Shortcuts app has a negative effect on the image quality.
  6. If you have chosen a file and a size, your animated gif will be created with 0.2 seconds per image. If you don't like the result, you can easily adjust the speed afterwards. And easily as often as you want. You can choose between seconds per image (0, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5 and 2 seconds, but you can also enter your own value) and frames per second (60, 30, 24, 15 and 12 fps, but you can also use individual values). Note: Changing the speed later can lead to loss of quality. This is a behaviour of iOS and cannot be changed.
  7. Whenever the preview of your gif is created, you can swipe down the displayed image(s) to show a menu that allows you to save the gif(s) in your photo library, adjust the speed again (and again and again and again…) or start over.
  8. An additional feature is the boomerang effect which creates a gif/gifs that play/s forward/s and backward/s.

Important Information

The filter function of the Shortcuts app is good at displaying only videos, live photos, bursts or gifs. But with images it is crap, because numerous filters have to be set, so that e.g. no gifs, videos et cetera are displayed, but only still images.

The more filters, the slower the search. This can lead to waiting times of 10 seconds and more! Unfortunately, the use of filters is also responsible for the fact that not all images are displayed. For example: If you choose to display only files with the file extension .jpg or .png, iOS tells you that there are no images. If you tell it to display all images, but only no .gif files, it takes almost 10 seconds to filter the images. And so on and so forth. I have tried numerous combinations, none is satisfactory.

For this reason the shortcut shows the access to album "All Photos" (which means all files in your Photos app) when selecting "Images ➔ GIF" from the menu. This way it only takes a sec for all "photos" to be displayed.

It is your responsibility to only select still images if you want to create gifs from several images! That's not a recommendation, that's an order! ;)


HiRes GIFs is certainly no magic, but offers a unique selling point: Hi-Res animated gifs!



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Have fun using HiRes GIFs.


No third party Updater Shortcut required.

HiRes GIFs has an integrated update mechanism called Embed-a-Update. Thanks to the embedded updater, HiRes GIFs does not require any external updater shortcut. The shortcut checks for updates itself, so you'll always be up to date and never miss an update.

This Shortcut supports Embed-a-Update


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