Search RoutineHub right from Shortcuts!



RoutineSearch (RS) was created with the support of RoutineHub. Now, searching RoutineHub for new shortcuts can be done directly from your Library!

RoutineSearch will ask you for your search term, then format it and open in Safari or Google Chrome (you choose!)

Install Instructions

  1. Click Get Shortcut on this page.
  2. Once RS downloads you will be prompted to Customize your shortcut by default. Enter numbers to determine if you want to use UpdateKit and if you would prefer Google Chrome or Safari.
  3. These options can always be changed later by hitting edit on the shortcut (...) then going to settings (top right corner, two bars) and clicking "Customize Shortcut..."
  4. Run the shortcut!

Search Term Limits

This app has built in the ability to remove certain characters that are not search friendly. However, it does not include every character. Please use words and spaces only when making your search if you are having trouble.


This shortcut does include functionality from UpdateKit by Mike Beasley. It is your choice whether or not to run it. The shortcut will prompt you to download UpdateKit, but you can also download it here.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Oct. 29, 2018, 3:10 p.m.

- Fixes an issue that would make downloading a shortcut directly from Safari Spotlight fail.
- Fixes an issue that would cause UpdateKit to not run correctly if you haven't installed UpdateKit PRIOR to the installation of this shortcut.
- Removes the welcome message and goes directly to the search field instead. This is done by saving a small text file with the current version so that it will not be displayed until another update is made.
- UpdateKit 2.0 or greater is now required to run this shortcut.

Version history