Shows you your location, then let’s you call 911 or a Contact.



This shortcut was designed for shootings, robberies, severe injury, and other life threatening situations.

Important info:

Run once to setup the program (enabling features)

This shortcut can and will contact 911, per the users request.



S.O.S- Will send a text alert to 911 giving them coordinates, will also call 911.

911- Will call 911, will also send a text alert to all contacts you’ve chosen to be emergency contacts.

Find Closest ER- Will locate the closest Emergency Room (Requires Find Closest ER shortcut.)

Contact- Will allow you to pick any contact and let’s you choose to call or FaceTime them.

Check for Updates- Uses UpdateKit to let you update the shortcut.

If the shortcut is ran while your battery is at 1%, it will send a text containing your location and end the shortcut. (Can be turned on/off during initial setup.)

Thanks to u/ethan0070 for helping me out.

Latest Release Notes

1.7 - Feb. 16, 2020, 8:20 p.m.

Added “Find Closest ER” to menu options.

Version history