List Invoker

Populates a Reminders list with a set of items that you want on a repeating basis


When you run this Shortcut, it gives you the option to make one or more lists that will be automatically saved for future use. If you ever need those lists again, with a press of a button you can copy them over into the Reminders App.

How to Use

When you install the Shortcut, you'll be prompted on which list in Reminders you want to use. This can be changed at any time by pressing "Customize Shortcut…"

  1. The first prompt will ask you if you want to delete everything that's already on that list. Pressing yes will clear the list so it's ready for use. Pressing no will leave anything that’s already there, and merely add the new stuff on top of it.

  2. The next prompt will ask you if you want to make a new list or select from an existing list. You'll have to press make a new list if you haven’t made one yet.

  3. To make a new list, specify a title for it, the press OK. After that, input all your list items, each one on its own line.

  4. Once you've made a new list, it's automatically saved for future use, and you can access it by pressing select an existing list in step 2.

  5. Once you've done that, it will all automatically be copied over to Reminders, then open the app for you.

General Info

Latest Release Notes

1.1.1 - May 29, 2020, 5:19 p.m.

Fixed minor issue with the updater

Version history