Swing Updater [S]

Great speed, customizable as Swing Updater


Made for iOS 14  
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Swing Updater 🅂

Swing Updater 🅂 it’s an alternative Swing Updater for people that prefer speed over features.

Why Swing Updater 🅂

Because Swing Updater 🅂 is clean, powerful, beautiful, functional and FAST, and:

  • Supports Multi decimal versions.
  • You can check for updates by running your shortcut.
  • Swing Updater has a clean interface to help new users of shortcuts app to update their shortcuts.
  • Swing Updater 🅂 takes less than 1 second to check for updates (iPhone XR)

How to integrate it?

Visit the Documentation Page

Created by D3W10

Latest Release Notes

2.4 - Sept. 16, 2020, 5:21 p.m.

• iOS 14 support.
• Now you can Skip updates.

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