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This shortcut is for those who like to beta test apps



Information about this shortcut 29.10.2020

Hi I'm taking a break which means I'll not be coming up with new updates for the shortcut for a while. Hope it works fine as it is now, but should there be any problems write a comment below and I will answer as soon as possible


Hi do you like to beta test iOS apps via TestFlight?

At least I do, so I made a shortcut to easily get to places that have TestFlight invitation`s .

The shortcut is like a menu where you choose which page you want to go to and then you can look for testflight links (invitations)

Additional information:

  • Twitter opens in safari so you do not need to have an account or twitter app

  • Telegram channels are in a separate menu so you do not have to worry about them if you do not telegram

  • the shortcut is updated from time to time, the shortcut looks for an update every time you use it and you will be notified if a new update is available

Here is a screenshot of a version (version 4.7) I update the shortcut from time to time

If you have any questions just leave a comment below. Then I'll answer as best I can

Latest Release Notes

5.1.1 - Oct. 14, 2020, 7:21 p.m.

fixes a link that has changed its name. and remove something I accidentally added :)

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