Next Level Church

An easy way to connect and be a part of the NLC Community


Welcome to Next Level Church! This Shortcut provides a myriad of different ways to learn about, connect with, and get involved with Next Level Church!

Requires UpdateKit

Requires Play Freedom Worship

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Latest Release Notes

1.2.0 - March 29, 2020, 7:05 p.m.

-NEW: Support for Kids Online! Resources and experiences for kids of all ages is now available!
-NEW: Support for Students Online! Resources for NLC Students is now available!
-NEW: Invite Resources! Resources including sample text and images are now available!
-NEW: Church at Home! Resources on how to do Church at Home is now available!
-NEW: Serve at Church Online! As long as you have host privileges, you can serve using the Desktop or Mobile Experience! Desktop may require the use of an iPad due to screen size.
-NEW: Join your location's Facebook Group right from the Shortcut!
-NEW: Join the Church Online Facebook Group right from the Shortcut!
-NEW: Join the NLC Parents Facebook Group right from the Kids or Students Menu!
-Changes: Adds the ability to install a fresh copy of the latest version to the Shortcut through RoutineHub.
-Changes: NLC Kids and NLC Students is now Kids and Students respectively.
-Changes: Restructured menu so Kids and Students is now front and center.
-Changes: Update, How to Use this Shortcut, and Report a Problem are now under Shortcut Settings to reduce clutter.
-Changes: Inviting your one via email no longer copies to the clipboard (which was unclear) and now directly fills in the "To:" field properly.
-Changes: Adds the ability to re-enable Apple Mail under Invite Your One and Report a Problem if previously removed as it is required in order to send emails through this Shortcut.
-Changes: Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Past versions