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The Best Power Saver For Your Battery!


Welcome to Omega Power Mode!

This shortcut is a battery saver, but not just any! Omega Power Mode only has 40 actions, but yet manages to save a lot of battery! This shortcut requires QuickUpdate. I made this because I waited for Ultra Low Power Mode 1.9, but I kinda got fed up with waiting so I made this! Credit to @ROP, as the download badge below was made in MediaKit.

Optimize Your Battery

This shortcut asks you how much you want to save power by letting you choose three different levels of power usage: Minimum Power Saving, Medium Power Saving, and Maximum Power Saving, to ensure you’ll have both lots of battery and get a nice user experience.

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This shortcut requires QuickUpdate Omega Power Mode is closed source. Copyright 2019 @zachary7829 on RoutineHub

Latest Release Notes

2.001 - June 20, 2019, 9:47 p.m.

Omega Power Mode 2.001 fixes a bug in the DRM in which it may falsely detect untampered versions as tampered. It also fixes a bug in the DRM where it sends the wrong version number to the correct dictionary.

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